Angry Birds!

As I mentioned in Some reasons I’m looking forwards to PAX East, my friends and I have been making angry birds to play with at PAX East this weekend. I finally took some pictures and hopefully you can indulge me in sharing my glee over my geeky creations:

We’re hopping to play some line games with random strangers and toss some into crowds to see what happens. If you’re looking to spot me or my companions at PAX east, we’ll have a few of these pinned to the outside of our bags, and we’ll be goofing off with them when we’ve got time to spare waiting for concerts and such.

I made my own patterns for these because I wanted smaller simpler ones so I could make plenty of birds before the con, and I’m hoping to write up these easy angry bird patterns to share when I’ve got time to take a few in-progress photos to go with them. But if you’re dying to make your own Angry Birds right now, I highly recommend you check out Itsy Bitsy Spider’s patterns (ravelry link) The red bird pattern is free, and the rest are only a few dollars each.

And if you’re going to be at PAX east and want to be all crafty, apparently there’s a stitch and b*tch going on on Saturday 1:30-3pm in the handheld lounge. How fun is that?

And before I finish this post… here’s more pictures of my angry birds! That’s not even all of them, just the ones that happen to be in my house right now. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when we have them all together.

3 thoughts on “Angry Birds!

  1. orangepeacock

    Squee! I’m going to be there too! I’m planning on being at the stitch ‘n’ bitch with my Tom Baker scarf project and the women’s brunch on Sunday as well – I’m donnanoblehasbeensaved on the forum, if you’re on there. I guess I’ll get to meet you and the birds this weekend!

    Oh man, I am SO excited. Can’t wait to get on the train tomorrow.

  2. Margaret

    If lovin’ these angry birds is wrong then I am glad I’m not right!!! These are great and if you come to Gen Con Indy please stop by the Different Drummer Belly Dancers booth so we can ooooo and ahhhhhh over your fabulous creations!!!

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