Linkspam: International (Geek) Women’s Day

The first International Women’s Day was observed on 19 March, 1911: 36,515 days ago. In honor of 101 such observances, and in the spirit of celebrating the achievements of women, here are a few of the past year’s highlights and milestones for women in geekdom.

Awards and Recognition



  • A report published in 2010 showed that venture-backend startups led by women delivered better than average results
  • Jane Silber became CEO of Canonical


  • Physicist/Feminist marks IWD by posting statistics on the progress of women in science from 1958 to 2006, using statistics from the NSF

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5 thoughts on “Linkspam: International (Geek) Women’s Day

  1. Rob Isenberg

    Jane Bolin, Yale Law School, Class of ’31. The first woman to graduate Yale Law and the first person of color. She was appointed to the Family Court of NYC by Mayor Laguardia. My Dad graduated the School of Art that year.

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