Quick Hit: ConBust

Short notice and all, but if you’re in Northampton, Massachusetts and bored this weekend, then ConBust might be worth your while.

There’s a whole list of fantastic and broadly varying topics on the schedule page. Some interesting sounding ones from the social justice in geek spaces point of view are:

  • Characters and Creators: Women in Video Games
  • Gender Bending in Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • LGBTQIPAOMGWTF: Queer Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Anime
  • Tits or GTFO: aka the Internet Survival Guide
  • Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy

It really does sound stimulating. Where’s my teleportation device already?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: ConBust

  1. Erin

    Man, not for the first time am I regretting agreeing to work on the weekends, but I’m definitely regretting it the strongest today. :(

  2. takingitoutside

    ConBust is fantastic! … is what I would like to unequivocally say, but I’m an alum of Smith College, and I held various position on the board of the Smith Science-Fiction and Fantasy Society (SSFFS), which runs ConBust, AND I organized the anime sections and a panel or two for a few years, so it’s a bit of an understatement to say that my opinion is biased :)

    A bit of history: ConBust was the first college-based convention focusing on women in the sci-fi/gaming/etc. industries. It’s put on by SSFFS (pronounced like Sisyphus), which also has the oldest SF/etc. library at a women’s college in the nation (maybe the world), and one of the oldest SF libraries among colleges overall. It’s also one of the oldest college-based science-fiction clubs, though not to the same degree.

    I don’t know how the economics stack up now, but when I was involved every penny that came into the con one year went into it and the next year’s con (transport/lodging for guests, equipment, that sort of thing), so vendors’ fees, ticket purchases and so on went directly to supporting a continuing, annual convention that highlights women in all aspects of the industries.

    To be honest, that focus helped draw a number of speakers to our convention. They wanted to be involved specifically because they believed in what we were doing, and I always thought that their belief led them to give more inspired talks, discuss topics in greater depth and at greater length, and just generally be fantastic guests. One of the reasons I remain optimistic about feminist issues today is because of the inspiring people I met through ConBusts past.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. I’m taking a quick break from a midterm, and suddenly seeing ConBust mentioned here reminded me why I do what I do.

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