She was only appointed because she’s a linkspam (8th April, 2011)

  • Words and Offense: Of course slurs are still bad… Offense is just not the reason why. Systemic oppression, concept association and a phenomenon known as hostile tagging (where the phrase either tags a person as someone to be hostile to and exclude or tags an area as a hostile place to any oppressed people that come in) are the actual reasons why…
  • Duke Nukem Forever – Wallowing in sexism: In some games we find sexism buried within plot points or seen through the stereotyped portrayals of female characters. Duke Nukem Forever is not one of those games. There is no need to look deeply into gameplay or storyline to find issues. Duke Nukem Forever is simply a game that wallows in sexism.
  • Geeky enough for you?: What I’m curious about here is this: what does the word “geeky’ mean to you? How do you define it? Also, how do you define not-geeky? I’m interested!
  • Trigger warning. Power switch: social media gives victims new ways to fight back These days if a woman is abused or humiliated by men belonging to a macho institution, she needn’t cop it. She can shop her story and shine light on the injustice herself.
  • Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them?: But Viva couldn’t get a job in the Valley—despite introductions that I gave her to leading venture capitalists… It raised a red flag in my mind.
  • Hanna Director Joe Wright Slams Sucker Punch‘s Girl Power: Wright… trac[ed] the “alarming” brand of sexually-exploitative girl power found in Sucker Punch back to the Spice Girls.
  • Can we declare victory for women in their participation in science? Not yet: Over the last half-century, efforts to recruit and encourage women to pursue careers in science have been very successful, but they have not been evenly distributed… In physics, though, [the] numbers have barely budged…
  • BGG (Black Girl Gamer)–LFG, PST!: It’s not just the standard girl gamer war, where there is incessant name calling, references to genitalia or even the normal male chauvinist crap. The battle is having to defend why we are even playing games, in the first place. Why would we be playing games, because black women don’t play games.

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6 thoughts on “She was only appointed because she’s a linkspam (8th April, 2011)

  1. deborah

    I don’t know how I feel about the commenters in that DNF thread engaging with the clear concern troll as if he were arguing in good faith. On the one hand, that does keep him toned down, and the argument doesn’t escalate, because nobody calls him on his concern troll crap. But on the other hand, it means there aren’t big flashing banners around his crap, and I hope nobody else sees it as potentially reasonable argument.

  2. AMM

    Re: Words and Offense

    A very good article which says better than I could what gets me about the “I’m offended so you’re wrong” meme.

    FWIW, I mostly get this from people who are even more overprivileged than I am. (YMMV.)

  3. HadesKitten

    I’ve been trying to shine some light on the rape and sexual assault that happens at a local convention with the tacit permission of the con staff. My write-up for the Back Up Project is here, trigger warning for rape and sexual assault, obviously.

    After three months of e-mailing, they’re still ignoring me. I’d really like some help in getting them to take this seriously.

  4. Paul

    Am I doing this correctly? This has nothing to do with any current thread, but the instructions say I should post a comment here to contact the moderators. Anyway, I thought it would be of interest to the readers of a Geek Feminism blog that Lynda Carter will be the Grand Marshal of the Pheonix Pride Parade this Saturday.

    The article goes into why her character “Wonder Woman” was an inspiration to both lesbian and gay youth:

    “She was someone we could look up to and strive to be a superwoman,” she said. “Being a female, we could look to her and know that we could do anything we wanted to do. That we’re all superwomen.”

    For Terre Steed, 38, of Phoenix, it was the flashy, hidden alter ego that attracted him to the Wonder Woman character.

    “She lived this life as a dowdy secretary,” he said, referring to the superhero’s alter ego, Diana Prince. “But her inner self, who she really was, was this powerful Amazon princess. That spoke to me as a gay man when I was younger, trying to hide who I really was.”

  5. HadesKitten

    The Keycon situation (outlined here) has gotten worse. ConCom has taken a path of silencing and obfuscation instead of changing for the better. The Twitter hashtag #rapecon has been started for protest.

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