You only linkspam because you haven’t met a decent man yet (17th April, 2011)

  • Counting Colored Cash: there’s plenty of successful media with central characters of color, there’s plenty of whitewashed/all-white media that flops. So why the myth that all-white/whitewashing is just good business?
  • Trigger warning Resistance Is Useful: An Essay: We’re going to talk about geek culture, about misogyny, about rape culture and rape apologism… We’re going to talk about my experience of this in a small Australian city
  • Trigger warning Keycon: I posted a few months ago about starting the Back-Up Project at Keycon, and was looking for suggestions on panels. I was asked to talk to both women and men and get a general idea of what the situation was at Keycon, and how safe it was for women. The results were absolutely horrifying. I couldn’t find a single woman who hadn’t been followed, groped, or harassed… Looks like Keycon doesn’t care about preventing the assault of women OR children.
  • Marginalization Is Not a Monolith See, this is why sometimes criticism and fannishness should be kept apart… You defend your object of fannishness to the death… but when your fannishness edges into shutting other people down, it’s no longer okay.
  • Photography and Sexism in the Skeptical Movement: Unless Mr Dunning has reversed the image on the flip side of his single, with the young woman in a tux and himself completely naked and on his knees serving her, than I do not see how this photograph can do anything but send the message than his view is that women are of a lesser value and merely objects to be used in skepticism.

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    Ran out of reply space, so I’ll just say here: thanks, Mary, for adding Pinboard — and of course no rush; stuff gets done when it gets done.

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