The objects of the linkspam gaze (26th April, 2011)

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Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

7 thoughts on “The objects of the linkspam gaze (26th April, 2011)

  1. Deborah

    Ugh. I did not expect the comments at “Women in Computing” to be so utterly failtastic. I think I need to wash after reading those.

    1. Raven

      They were pretty dreadful, yeah. I hope we did some good by leaving useful suggestions, and I hope the exec in question listens to us rather than to the dudes claiming we don’t exist (when we’re, y’know, right there commenting and all). It seems likely.

      But urgh, fighting the good fight is exhausting sometimes. Thanks for contributing.

  2. Anne in Colorado

    Hi — I am new to your blog, and was saddened to see the Wednesday Geek Woman going on hiatus. I’d love to write some submissions, and have been through the posts and I think this is an okay place to submit, but I have no idea how to do a hidden comment.

    So, 1.) are you still open for submissions? 2.) Is this an okay place to put them (until next week’s linkspam?) 3.) tips on hidden comments?


    1. Mary


      There’s no way for commenters to choose to hide their comments, sorry, it’s a global setting on submission posts. I will email you about how to submit.

      If anyone else wants to write a WGW, leave a comment here (or future open threads) and we’ll get in touch with you too.

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