Linkspam made the top 10 (24th June, 2011)

  • Color Lines gives us The Ultimate 21st Century People of Color Sci-Fi List

    It seems that when it comes to sci-fi, cultural experiences of the melanin-inclined are merely reserved for exotic backdrop (ahem, “Stargate”) and half-assed tokenization (ahem, the horrible Mandarin in “Firefly”). […] This is for all the disappointed moviegoers who felt the title “Minority Report” was misleading.

  • Forbes lists The 10 Most Powerful Women Authors The list only counts living authors, but includes both Pulitzer-Prize winners and bestsellers
  • on privilege denial within disability: If the only time you bring up being not abled is when someone calls you out on being ableist, this may apply to you.
  • An Open Letter to Courtney Martin, an Editor at Feministing.Com: To offer a review on a feminist Web site of Octavia Butler’s work without discussing, in depth, her contribution to feminism in general and black feminism specifically is to do the legacy of Octavia Butler a tremendous disservice.
  • (Warning: extensive anti-women/feminist statements quoted, some advocating violence.) How to choose the absolutely wrong person to write about girls and D&D — the title really says it all. The article in question has since been removed.
  • On Geekdom and Privilege: Sympathy For The “Pretty’?: All of which is not to say that celebrities or hot people can never be members of the community. In calling herself a history geek, Campanella herself seems to fit the definition of a geek ally: she has some geeky interests, and she believes in evolution (thank goodness), but it’s not like she chose to cosplay Wonder Woman for the swimsuit competition, either.
  • Ann Leckie: Wiscon-Related Thoughts pt 1: But we still do it, ourselves. Some portions of the eternal what’s really science fiction debate seem focused on excluding pears and oranges from our basket on the grounds that they’re not really fruit. Except no definition that excludes oranges and pears will also include every sort of apple.

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5 thoughts on “Linkspam made the top 10 (24th June, 2011)

  1. Annalee

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding Arturo’s argument (in On Geekdom and Privilege), but it appears to boil down to “she can’t be a real geek because she’s obviously never been bullied.” I’ve got a problem with that on so many levels I can’t even.

    First, you can’t tell by looking at someone whether or not they’re a survivor of bullying. If privilege protected people from being bullied, we would never have to deal with cis white straight guys claiming that privilege doesn’t exist/they don’t have any because they were bullied.

    Second, since when is being a survivor of bullying a requirement for geekdom?

    When Vin Diesel “outed” himself as a D&D playin’ nerd, I didn’t see anyone demand to see his credentials. But Campanella is a woman, so for her, the goalposts move.

    And I’ll stop there before I start foaming at the mouth.

  2. Meredith L.

    Hello Geek Feminists.

    I saw in the “Contact Us” section that I can use the Linkspam comments for communicating…

    Just wanted to share that yesterday my brother and I went to a Star Trek con in New Jersey and had the honor of hearing Nichelle Nichols speak. We didn’t know this, but she apparently was quite involved with helping women and minorities apply for jobs at NASA back in the 60s. She went around to colleges and convinced graduates to apply to NASA. Six people got jobs there because of her, and of them, two are the Administrator and Deputy Administrator there.

    Just wanted to share, and thought my fellow Geek Feminists would appreciate that.

    1. Leigh Honeywell

      That’s great to hear, Meredith! I don’t suppose you’d be interested in writing a Guest Post or a Wednesday Geek Woman post about her? If that sounds of interest, drop me an email at leigh at hypatia dot ca (I’m one of the GF authors) and we can work it out. It doesn’t need to be long :)

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