Jane Goodall: a little girl who loved animals and grew up to teach us all

The post about smurfs and animals got me thinking about little girls who love animals, and thus got me thinking about Jane Goodall, renowned chimpanzee expert who made her start as a little girl who really loved animals.

I got to see her speak at the Ottawa Writer’s Festival last year (which is when I took the picture at the top of this post — it was a packed house!) and loved hearing her story of how she went from being a little girl who loved animals to a field naturalist who hugely expanded our knowledge of animal behaviour. She’s an amazing speaker, and I was sad that I didn’t have any way to have you all experience the lecture I attended…

But thankfully, technology comes to the rescue! There’s a really great recording of Jane Goodall speaking at University of San Diego. It’s pretty long for a youtube video, but absolutely worth it — put it in on in the background while you’re doing something else and hear her incredibly inspiring story. I particularly enjoyed hearing her story of how she went to get her PhD (there wasn’t time for a BA) and was told she was doing everything wrong and how she knew it was they who were wrong (It starts at 28:08 and runs a minute or two.)

One of the lovely things about her latest tour is that rather than talking about the doom and gloom environmentalism of the 80’s, she’s promoting a message of hope by talking about the amazing ways in which the world has bounced back with our help. She’s telling some really fantastic stories!

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