Open thread: Bill Nye the Music Guy

I found this great source of Bill Nye music videos and this one made me laugh:

I don’t know if he’s known world-wide, but the Bill Nye The Science Guy was an inordinately popular kids’ science show in North America when I was still in public school.

User NyeTunes on youtube has uploaded a large number of music videos from the show, so if you’re not as amused by rocks as I am, go find the one you like best and let us know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Open thread: Bill Nye the Music Guy

    1. Meg

      Wait, what? I’ve only seen a few episodes of SG:Atlantis, how did that work? Did they just find a world eerily-similar to earth and bump into him, or is he just hanging out in the home world? Reconsidering watching more now, it’s been a long time but any show with Bill Nye cameos has to be OK…

  1. Shiyiya

    The only Bill Nye song that has stuck in my head all this time is ‘the faster you push me, the farther I get, you’re adding velocity’ from an episode on inertia or something. The video for it was weird. I think it had wheelchairs and tire swings?

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