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Male Programmer Privilege Checklist – now on the Geek Feminism Wiki

Over on the open thread, Tim Chevalier asked us to share this with you:

I’ve just moved over the Male Programmer Privilege Checklist, which I previously maintained, to the Geek Feminism wiki, so that, well, everyone can maintain it :-)

I’d like to see some editing action going on, since there are definitely places where the writing could be improved and made more consistent, and where more links could be added. As well as, of course, adding more entries (most of the existing list is based on either specific experiences that contributors to the list have had, or on incidents that are documented with URLs).

In general it hasn’t seemed to me like the geek feminism wiki has been a major vandalism target, but I’m slightly worried that the privilege checklist will attract vandalism, since there are definitely people who are unhappy about its existence and some of them have emailed me in the past. I plan to keep watching it regularly, though. And, I hope that the increased ease of adding new content will outweigh the potential risks of vandalism from people who don’t like to see privilege being discussed in public.

Thanks, Tim!

8 thoughts on “Male Programmer Privilege Checklist – now on the Geek Feminism Wiki

  1. Mary

    Thanks Tim! Many blog and wiki folk know of and enjoy that list.

    There has been vandalism of the GF wiki, including an attempt to hurt someone by editing a profile of her there to include information about her that she didn’t want public. The editing community seems large enough to roll such things back (and in the case of things that are hurtful or offensive even in the history of a page, we can Take Steps).

    1. Skud

      Also wanted to give a shoutout to Wikia, who have been awesomely supportive and whose anti-spam systems are pretty spectacular. The volume of spam/vandalism/trouble that we have to deal with is pleasantly low, considering.

  2. Tim Chevalier

    Thanks! There have been some good contributions from others already. Unfortunately, there has also been one anonymous user unilaterally removing several bullet points wholesale so far. For now I’ll just keep watching and hope this doesn’t become an ongoing problem.

  3. Eivind

    “The freedom to listen to speakers use gender fields in database schemata as an example of an attribute that never changes and only has two possible values without having to sit on your hands. ”

    I think this priviledge comes from being unaware, not from being male. (In the sense that I know many females who are in posession of this priviledge) I didn’t edit the wiki, because the priviledge is real enough, I just wonder if it’s in the right list.

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