Open Thread: Pony Elvis

Pony Elvis

I’m travelling this week, so today’s open thread is brought to you by Pony Elvis.

Feel free to discuss anything here that falls within our comment guidelines. Thank you very much.

14 thoughts on “Open Thread: Pony Elvis

  1. AntiSlice

    I’m just getting started as a software engineer (yay job after college!) and now that I don’t have a gazillion classes to expand my knowledge I’m looking for something else.

    What are some software/engineering/CS/tech related blogs that you peeps follow?

    1. pfctdayelise

      @AntiSlice your OS/language/platform/framework etc of choice may well have a “planet”, which is a convenient collection of other people’s blogs who usually post on that topic. They can be a great way of keeping up with news in that area.

    2. Mary

      It’s really hard to recommend them without a subfield to go with them (ie are you interested in a particular programming language? in testing? in academic CS (and which fields)? in web development? in robotics? in open source? in audio/visual?)

      For general browsing, have a look at for women’s tech blogs.

    3. AntiSlice

      @Mary Yeah, I probably should have mentioned that.

      I work with Java at an enterprise software company as a developer. The company (but not me specifically) does some open source work. I’d also like to keep up (at least somewhat) with web development stuff because it’s so prevalent these days.

      I kind of feel like I’m asking someone to read my mind here, so I apologize if that seems like to other people. A better question would have been: what software/tech blogs do GF readers read?

  2. Elena

    I just saw this on The Escapist (caution: photos showing simulated violence against a woman)

    This is why seducing Vader is a bad idea

    I don’t even know what to think about this but I feel very uncomfortable, and some of the comments on The Escapist make me uncomfortable too. Does anyone have any thoughts?

  3. Sio

    There is now rape imagery on the Wikipedia article on PTSD… which is absolutely despicable to say the least.

    I made a topic on the talk page and I am not sure what else to do. Is there anyone who knows what to do or would provide some backup?

    1. Lima Zulu

      I saw that topic, and I commented on it as well. When I think of PTSD, I think of warzones. Why would they not use a picture of that instead? I’m sure it’s not the violence, unless they’re much more cool with showing detailed pictures of sex acts than warfare.

    2. quartzpebble

      I also commented, objecting to how sexualized Lucretia looks in that image. Even if having such an image made sense I would actually (personally, ymmv) rather have one that was more graphic and conveyed “this happens and it is a Bad Thing and here is a consequence” than one that looks like the standard classical “Whee, naked ladies with a side of violence!” type.

      Also, it is beyond me how objecting to the image apparently means that I do not in fact object to the fact that more PTSD occurs in women from sexual trauma. Ugh.

      1. quartzpebble

        I don’t think that I can contribute constructively to this right now, but if anyone else wants to pick this up again, that would be awesome. Currently there are a couple of guys (apparently) who see nothing whatsoever wrong with this.

  4. Alicia Liu

    Hi there! I just found this blog and love it already. I’m a tech entrepreneur and I write code, and started blogging with a particular focus on women in tech – a topic near and dear to me:
    Would love to get feedback from this community.

  5. Kimadactyl

    Wondered what other geek feminists made of this barrel of fail (the video on the front page):

    It’s like your own private China! It’s like bees pollinating the gift of open source throughout the land! It runs on sunbeams and unicorn wee! Anyone can afford it at the low price of £500!

    Snark aside, it contains a lot of the usual problems with open source politics, thoughts?

  6. Ruby

    Wikipedia needs more feminist editors. Wikipedia needs more women in general, and feminists in particular.

    The gender imbalance amongst Wikipedia editors is extreme. One in six editors is a woman; that’s only 16% female editors. But it’s worse than that; female editors make fewer edits. Only 9% of edits are done by women. Given that Wikipedia is the world’s largest and most popular information resource, that is a problem.

    This is a page made by Sarah Stierch, an American feminist who is active on Wikipedia. The items there should give you a pretty good idea of the gender imbalance:

    If you join Wikipedia, please join WikiProject:Feminism which looks after articles of interest to feminism. There are many articles in Wikipedia urgently in need of scholarly, feminist attention.

  7. K00kyKelly

    random question… when mentioning your geeky career have any of you been told: oh, wow! you must be smart!

    I came across this article on how smarter girls (5th grade) give up on challenging tasks more easily than other groups. The theory is that because they’ve likely been told how smart they are many, many times that they have come to view intellegence as inate instead of learned. I immediatly though about how people tell me now as an adult how smart I am. Is this common? It is because I am conventionally attractive?

    1. quartzpebble

      I don’t think that it’s just being conventionally attractive. I present as less feminine/cute than I used to, and I still get “Oh, $science. You must be very smart to do that. I was never good at that stuff,” not regularly but maybe once every few months.

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