A cluster of Venus fly traps

Eep: spam filter is looking for a feed

Bit of meta sorry: our site’s spam filter for comments seems to have an appetite this week, and has eaten some thirty or more legitimate comments. Eep!

We’re digging them out of the filter now, which should liven up some posts that have seemed surprisingly sleepy.

We already have an open thread, so comments on this thread should stick to spam filtering. And gardening. Yay gardening. How’s spring working out for southern hemisphere gardeners?

A cluster of Venus fly traps

by Selena N. B. H., CC BY

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3 thoughts on “Eep: spam filter is looking for a feed

  1. GardenMoz

    Spring gardening is going most excellently well here. The rocket that was struggling has burst into flower and I’ll mow it as soon as it seeds (the fresh growth tastes better), the apricot tree is covered in blossom and the rest of the garden is starting to stir. And we have silver beet still going strong. This is all self-seeded, btw, we haven’t started planting out this years seedlings yet. We’ve had a warm, dry winter (relatively speaking) after a warm wet summer, so the garden really hasn’t taken a big break at all.

  2. Mary Post author

    It’s also possible at least one Wednesday Geek Woman post got accidentally deleted. If you haven’t yet heard from me to say when your post is scheduled for, please resubmit your entry if you can.

  3. Annalee

    Are we allowed to talk about how awesome the photo accompanying this post is? Because the answer is: super-awesome. (Who’s a cute li’l carnivorous plant? YOU ARE! Yes you are!)

    Also: whew. I suspected something like this was eating my comments, but I’m always worried I’ve done something to elicit the banhammer.

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