Adria Richards head-and-shoulders self portrait in front of a wall of stickers

Open thread: sloganeering

This open thread is inspired by Adria Richards and her wall of geek. The Flickr caption on this picture reads Behind Adria is her Geek Wall of logos. They reminder her how awesome technology is and help to stir up all sorts of conversations.

Adria Richards head-and-shoulders self portrait in front of a wall of stickers

Adria Wears Her Zendesk Shirt At Her Desk, by Adria Richards CC BY-SA

The stickers include ThinkGeek, Ubuntu, Tux, the WordPress logo, Windows XP, a sticker reading Well-behaved women rarely make history and others.

What slogans, thoughts, logos, inspirational or demotivational thoughts would go on your geekspiration wall?

Note: this post is an open thread, open to comments on any subject within the scope of our comment policy.

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Mary is a women in tech activist, a programmer, a writer, and a sometime computational linguist. She writes at Her previous projects include co-founding the Ada Initiative and major contributions to the Geek Feminism blog. She's @me_gardiner on Twitter.

6 thoughts on “Open thread: sloganeering

  1. katie

    I’m fond of this sticker, which reads G(I2R)L and depends on the reader knowing the power equation P=I2R (that’s the square of I times R, where P is power, I is current, and R is resistance. Thus, girl power. :)

  2. Mary Post author

    They aren’t stickers, but I bought my husband some geek toys to have on his desk at his new job as a sort of a conversation starter. They were:
    Rubik’s Mirror Blocks Cube, which is the same puzzle as Rubik’s cube except instead of using colours as cues it uses shape: the cube gets distorted as you move it
    A knot puzzle
    A Perplexus.

    Perplexus is a really fun toy.

  3. Pashupati

    On one of my bedroom walls, I’ve pictures of movies featuring old computers (and sometimes humans blocking my view).
    And a microscope enlargement of bronchial tubes.
    And a collage-sign with Adele Goldberg’s “Don’t ask whether you can do something, ask how to do that thing.”; I wanted to make a LEDs sign but couldn’t pay what was needed to make it (and I now have enough to buy a LDR, due to my buying combat boots that don’t fit and can’t be took back.)

  4. Pashupati

    Rookie Mag
    I guess it can interest some people here. I don’t know if it’ll be good, it’ll depend on the people sending stuffs there.
    It’ll sometimes be related to feminism. I didn’t think about it anymore since the beginning of the year. I did send an email to Tavi when she asked submissions, but it was sent too late.
    It’s directed at girls, and I think it encourages reappropriation of stereotypes. Now, I think it’ll be interesting to adults too, and to people who aren’t girls or women. (and the design is incredibly kitsch! at least I think. in the good way.)
    At first, I felt it was a bad idea, but then I thought. Now I can see how reappropriating stereotypes can be empowering. Because I thought it’ll reinforce these in the eyes of the already prejudiced individuals, but in fact it just allow you to take them off the privilege of stereotyping you, also seeing how you are “functioning” by these stereotypes.
    Then, these aren’t stereotypes anymore, just characteristics of you.
    When people holds stereotypes against you these are less of some treat and when you hold one (directed at external people or yourself) you can maybe analyze it better.
    Also, when someone else talk to you about reappropriating stereotypes, it doesn’t mean being told/telling yourself what you should be, and in this case it does purposely tell me I’m not being told what I should be like as a female teenager.

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