Star Trek Anniversary Cookies by Darla from

Happy 45th Anniversary, Star Trek!

It’s the 45th anniversary of Star Trek today! I fell in love with the show during Star Trek: The Next Generation’s run, and in rewatching it with my sister I’ve been realizing a lot of stuff I didn’t notice the first time ’round. For one, I’d never really thought about how many minorities, women and people of all ages are just there, both in the background and the foreground. There was more diversity on the Enterprise-D or even the original series than I see in most movies today. No wonder I could always see myself on the Enterprise!

Anyhow, it’d be easy to go on and talk about how happy I am to live in the future that Star Trek helped inspire, but instead, I’m going to link someone else’s tribute to trek, because hers is, well, cuter:

Star Trek Anniversary Cookies by Darla from

Star Trek Anniversary Cookies by Darla from

Darla says,

What is a lonely girl geek to do on the 45th anniversary of one of her all time favorite shows?

Make cute cookies that everyone else will love, so that they’ll tolerate the Star Trek marathon that’s ’bout to play on MovieBox all day long. That’s what.

That’s one awesome way to celebrate an anniversary! Go visit her post, To Boldly Go Where No Cookie Has Gone Before… for many more pictures and explanation of how she did it!

And please feel free to reminisce about trek (or talk about cookies) in the comment below.

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4 thoughts on “Happy 45th Anniversary, Star Trek!

  1. JaneO

    Ah, Star Trek. I fell in love with it as a child in 1966 and have watched nearly all the subsequent series (with some exceptions here and there). Always loved it and appreciated the range of actors portrayed. Happy birthday. :)

  2. Cthandhs

    I always watched Star Trek in the afternoon after school got out when I was in gradeschool. My sister and I always hid when Kirk started getting it on with the alien ladies (gross!). I always thought those guys and gals at SF conventions that has *real uniforms* were sooooo cool. I read “Spok’s World” like six times. Would I be an uber-geek today without Trek? Maybe, but it sure helped.

  3. LiesaMook

    I grew up LOVING Star Trek as well, watching it with my sister and our friends. When I watch the episodes now, though, I have to say that I can see the sexism that I didn’t recognize then. I don’t mean just the mini-skirt uniforms or Kirk and his alien babes–there are a lot of things from the subtle (seems OK or perhaps chivalrous for Kirk to “help” female crew members as they climb into a cave, handling their waists and shoulders, while the males climb in on their own) to the more significant to the plot.
    For example, Vina, in the 2nd pilot, demonstrates why she must remain forever quarrantined on a remote and deserted planet: if she left, she would look old and hunched and even have a scar on her face. I distinctly remember feeling horrified at her “real” appearance.
    Then there’s the one where someone desperately tries to switch her consciousness with Kirk’s, so she can captain a starship. When she meets a bitter end, Kirk sees the whole debacle as a shame because, if she hadn’t turned criminal, “she could have lived a full life…like any woman.”
    I could go on and on–but I’ll just conclude this: it’s complicated. I still watch them and love them, but I have learned to spot and be critical of a lot of the oppressive assumptions of the past and present that are reflected in the Star Trek future.

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