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Rising above our sordid linkspamming nature (9th September, 2011)

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12 thoughts on “Rising above our sordid linkspamming nature (9th September, 2011)

  1. AMM

    … but buying into the supermom myth could put working mothers at greater risk for depression.

    Why the “could” in this sentence from the linked article?

    When I actually read the article, the body of the article stated that it did put mothers at greater risk. But this sentence (from the beginning of the article) makes it sound like it’s just speculation, the sort of nonsense you read over and over again around hot-button topics, like “mothers who work could put their children at risk of becoming sock fetishists.”

    1. Mary

      In that case, because it was easier to lift the editor’s summary than to read the whole thing over several times and produce a pithy and correct-in-all-implications summary.

      People are welcome (in fact encouraged) to add more info about the links in comments, and we’ll correct errors, add warnings etc no worries, but we don’t apply subeditor-like attention to the links, but the difference between could cause and will cause is at the level of subtlety that is past “no one will have time to compile the linkspams if that’s what you want from them.” Their editor could improve on this.

      1. AMM

        Sorry, this wasn’t a complaint about you, it was a complaint about sciencedaily.com (or whoever they cut-and-pasted that introductory sentence from.)

    1. Mary

      d2k, is there any chance you’d be willing to sign up for one of the bookmark sites, or are already using one? Links in comments are actually the hardest to pull into the linkspams.

  2. d2k

    Jezebel: Reddit Users Find New Way To Be Assholes

    “When a woman posted about her sexual assault on Reddit, she enraged doubters, who eventually convinced her to post video “proof” of the crime. Her experience says a lot about the strange — and sometimes sexist — culture of the site. “

  3. d2k

    Introducing Lady Drawers

    In recent years, comics have grown into a legitimate – and big money – business. Yet, some in the industry haven’t felt the impact of the popular success of the now ubiquitous form. More often than not, it’s the female-identified creators who aren’t being encouraged to submit work, aren’t being sought out and aren’t getting books turned into big movie deals. In comics and elsewhere, women creators of all sorts of media are starting to ask: Why? Ladydrawers, a new semimonthly comics collaboration, will look at a few possible reasons and impacts in comics form.

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