Lise Meitner costume from

Geeky halloween costume ideas

A friend linked, which I think might appeal to folk here. They include costume ideas for Lise Meitner and Ada Lovelace among many other notable women.

Lise Meitner costume from

Lise Meitner costume from

So it’s gotten me wondering… what are you, dear GF readers, planning for halloween costumes? Are you aiming for Sexy chewbacca (I’m not a fan, but that darned thing is unforgettable) or more feminine daleks are you just boiling over with a rant about “sexy” everything for halloween?

Three women in Dalek costumes attacking an inflatable Tardis

Three women in Dalek costumes attacking an inflatable Tardis

All excited by the licensed Codex costume (From “The Guild”) or do you prefer to make your own?

Codex Costume from "The Guild"

Codex Costume from "The Guild"

Are you willing to choose slightly more obscure costumes, or do you stick to the most popular and recognizable, or split the difference and try an alternate outfit for a favourite character?

Do you get the whole family into it?

Are you into TV

Or games…

or, uh, internet celebrities…

or books…

… or something else? Share your favourite sources of geeky costume inspiration, pictures of your previous years’ geeky togs, or tease us with hints of what you plan to wear this year!

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21 thoughts on “Geeky halloween costume ideas

  1. Phira

    I’m working on my Chell costume (Portal 2 version). Building a portal gun is difficult when you have no building experience or resources. But it’s going to be awesome.

  2. tigtog

    Somehow I missed Sexy Chewbacca etc last year. We don’t do Halloween costumes much here in Oz, hardly at all for adults, but I do like the LOLcat one.

  3. azurelunatic

    One year I was The Cheat (yellow box for the square head, great big yellow poncho with black spots) and my nephew was an adorable Strongbad, complete with mask and no shirt.

  4. Remiel

    We had a “Cowboys and Aliens” party earlier this year – The cowboys were impressive, but the Aliens won; one friend dressed as a female The Doctor, and another dressed as Grrr from Invader Zim.

    This year I’m tossing up between comic book characters – either my namesake from Sandman, or Robin.

  5. Jayn

    It really depends on the weather which costume I’ll wear (if I wear any at all). I have three stuffed away from previous years, all Final Fantasy based. One is the Yuna/Lenne songstress, another is Quistis’ battle outfit, but both of those suffer from short skirts, so they’re bad if it’s too cold out. Not that that’s necessarily stopped me in the past…

    The third option is a stylised black mage. Basically it’s just a blue cloak I can wear over any regular clothing I choose. And a yellow witch’s hat. It’s by far the warmest of the three, but also the most unweildy, between the big hat and the floor-length cloak.

  6. leisurelyviking

    I am a biology teacher, and I’ll be going as ATP. ATP breaks off a phosphate group, giving energy to whatever molecule it attaches the phosphate group onto. I’m planning to bring some cookies decorated as phosphate groups, and handing them out to students while telling them they’ve been phosphorylated.

  7. SA

    Just put the finishing touches on my Bowler outfit. A friend is going as Ms. Furious. We had a Shoveler lined up but he flaked. Alas, I have been unable to recruit any more members for our super squad. I guess I should have had a barbecue, with a pool.

    Do you have a problem with that?

  8. JaclynGFC

    I’m planning a Dr. Nora Barlow (the Leviathian character but based on the real person) costume this year. Last year I was a more traditional Hera (non-sexy).

    I love the ATP idea. While in college, I thought of doing something like that, but with a phosphorylation hammer instead of cookies.

    and we do get the entire family into it here. My son will be either a jedi, a centurion or Spiderman, while my hubby will probably dress in something steampunk if he isn’t working.

  9. NutkinNB

    A good friend is having her wedding reception on October 29 – a costume party! I’m going as Carmen Sandiego & spent less than $20 putting it all together. :)

  10. Mel

    I am both too broke to buy costumes and not interested in off-the-rack or freezing to death in costumes I don’t like, so I make mine. I’m either going to stick with the dragonfly costume I made for work or go as Joan Jett. Undecided!

  11. WiseFather

    Those are good suggestions.

    Many people look for Halloween costume ideas, but I have put together a list of fun things to do with your Halloween costumes even after October 31st. If you have your own funny ideas I would love to hear them.

  12. Heather

    I’m going as a forum mod. Meaning I’m going to wear whatever I happen to dress in next Monday and carry a big blow up hammer that says BAN.

    And whenever someone annoys me during the day I’m gonna drop the Ban Hammer on them.

    Can’t freakin wait.

  13. Meredith L.

    I’m into family costumes, so I’m dressing my 3-year old up as an alien and going as a MIB. Hopefully my husband will play along.

    The other family costume I wanted to do this year, but my husband’s not into it, is dressing our 3-year old as a zombie, me as the mad scientist who created him, and my husband as his victim.

  14. Cthandhs

    I transformed a Victorian bustle coat pattern into a mad-scientist smock a-la Dr. Horrible, but with ruffles. I’m wearing that over a bustled petticoat, + goggles.

  15. Ellen

    This year I’m doing a costume from Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris which will allow me to try out a patchwork technique I’ve been interested in for a while, and also wear zombie(ish) makeup. I fully expect no one will recognize me. I have done the feminine dalek thing (before it was really a thing, even!) but that costume’s several years old now, and I prefer making new ones.

  16. yttrai

    It wasn’t the geekiest costume i’ve ever done, but this year i was The Lady Door, from Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. The best part – i just wore some fairly mismatched clothes, since the entire thing hinged on the face makeup :)

    Other past costumes ranging from not so geeky, to uber geeky, in no particular order:

    A Computer Date (made a bodice and skirt from discarded circuit boards i got at the MIT swap meet :D )
    Fairy Gothmother
    Death (from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman)
    Tippi Hedren’s character in The Birds

  17. Jessica Marie

    [mod note: removed commercial (and cisnormative) link]

    This year I was actually assigned a costume for a themed party, so I didn’t get to be too creative. But, one year I went as Frida Khalo and it was the greatest costume ever.

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