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Linkspam as portrayed by an actress from a younger generation

Yes, that’s right, linkspams are back! Rebooted! New director! New continuity!

No, not really. Same people. Same style. We’ve just been a bit collectively discouraged by the Delicious disaster, the Google Reader implosion and the neverending freelish.us outage. Talk about making bookmarking unfun. But we’re going to try again, right now supporting pulling bookmarks from Delicious, Pinboard and Twitter. In order to not have to have 200 bookmarks, we’re just going to start afresh with some recent-ish links and go from there. Apologies to people who submitted things in the interim, post them in comments for others to catch up on.

You can suggest links for future linkspams in comments here, or by using the “geekfeminism” tag on delicious or pinboard.in or the “#geekfeminism” tag on Twitter. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

32 thoughts on “Linkspam as portrayed by an actress from a younger generation

    1. quartzpebble

      I saw that on Hoyden About Town and ugh. It’s not so much that there’s some dude out there who thinks this is hilarious and wants to share that makes me angry as that no one in the editorial chain thought “hm, maybe this is a pile of gender-essentialist evo-psych-based crap and, as we are a prestigious journal, we shouldn’t publish it.”

      I’d normally love to get a paper published in Nature. It would look great on my CV. And I’m also one of those “significant female others” who picks up random-seeming items off my running mental list, a skill I started learning at 16 when I shopped for my family of 5 (it was more fun than the cleaning chores!). It’s a shame they don’t seem to think I’m in their audience.

  1. Transcendancing

    Good luck with the linkspams – I enjoy them very much. I’m also trying to deal with the various implosions. I’m currently getting comfy with a combination of Pinboard, Trunk.ly and ReadItLater to make things work more smoothly – actually should improve on things from my manual flailings from the past year.

  2. AMM

    Re: “SFWA Statement on Sexual Harassment”

    I notice that the SFWA statement doesn’t have any specifics. Unfortunately, lots of organizations have equally high-minded policies, but don’t actually follow through with effective action. Does anyone know of any plans for specific measures to implement these promises?

  3. Moose

    I’m pretty sure you guys linked to the “booth babes” post before, after I bookmarked it. You (pl.) have a tendency to include my comments to myself, which always makes me laugh.

    I’d pointed out that the “booth babes” post is yet another example of “Women have been pointing this out for ages, but now that a man is saying it all the mens are taking notice.” This is a growing tend in feminism. I’m glad men are starting to “get it” more, but I find the whole “Look! I discovered there’s a MOON in the SKY!” thing really grating.

    1. gminks

      I actually know the guy that posted this…I think I suggested it the first time it made the linkspam. I think he really explained his point of view as a technical man very well – lots of guys truly hate the concept of booth babes as much as we do. Why can’t we be happy when guys share their view of sexism from their own (guy) lens….for me this post has opened up the conversation with people who usually are combative about the topic of booth babes. We need all sides in the conversation, I hate to see us discouraging the guys from being part of the solution.

      1. moose

        I know him, too. My problem isn’t with guys pitching into the conversation. My problem is with guys who post about a problem women have been pointing out for years as if they’ve just discovered something nobody’s heard of before.

        My problem is the men who suddenly decide that this ages-old problem is suddenly worth listening to because a man has pointed it out.

        Overall I’d like to see more, “This has been going on for ages, why haven’t we males spoken up more?” and less, “I just realized — the Earth is ROUND! I must tell EVERYONE!”

  4. d2k

    Ylaine Gerardin & Tami Lieberman in Nature – Women: Sexist fiction is alienating

    “…it is hard to laugh off implications that routine domestic duties involve mysterious rites known only to women, and that only men are reliable observers who can make scientific discoveries.”

  5. d2k

    At The Contemplative Mammoth, Jacquelin Gyll presents a list of responses to Nature: Womanspace: Responses to Rybicki’s display of male privilege on NPG

    “Shame on Ed Rybicki for writing Womanspace, and shame on Nature Publishing Group editor Henry Gee for giving it the seal of approval (and following it up with a glib “I’m amazed we haven’t had any outraged comments about this story.”). Shame on Nature for silencing the voices of dissenters by apparently freezing the comments– which in itself is a statement on how they view the concerns raised by the women and men they have alienated and offended. I’m feeling a bit of activist fatigue at the moment, and I’m angry that my emotional energy has gone into Rybicki’s sexist, essentialist display of male privilege instead of my PhD research; rather than draft an in-depth response, I’ve been collecting various posts as a resource for those following the story. I’ll keep the links updated, so feel free to add your posts in the comments.”

  6. Shauna

    Hi, I was wondering if you could change the image in my guest post to this? The original image is of the wrong person. Also, right now when I view the main page using the GF Grid Mag theme, the current image overrides the image box and obscures the text. This might be fixed just by switching to the new image, which is smaller, but I thought I’d let you know.

  7. d2k

    Lynn Margulis, Renowned Evolutionary Biologist and Author at UMass Amherst, Dead at 73

    Margulis was best known for her theory of symbiogenesis, which challenges central tenets of neo-Darwinism. She argued that inherited variation, significant in evolution, does not come mainly from random mutations. Rather, new tissues, organs, and even new species evolve primarily through the long-lasting intimacy of strangers. The fusion of genomes in symbioses followed by natural selection, she suggests, leads to increasingly complex levels of individuality. Margulis was also acknowledged for her contribution to James E. Lovelock’s Gaia concept. Gaia theory posits that the Earth’s surface interactions among living beings sediment, air, and water have created a vast self-regulating system.

  8. oldfeminist



    Columbia, Maryland pool offers women-only swim hours

    The main driver of the request is Muslim women who feel stared at if they go into the pool wearing modest dress, but other women have decided they like not having men staring at them.

    This is of course portrayed in comments for the first story as OMG sharia law is coming and reverse discrimination I’m a fat guy and I want my fat guy hour at the pool and you’re not that hot so get over yourself and why can’t you just enjoy being stared at it’s “natural” and your desire for modesty is sad and wrong.

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