Open Thread: Darth Vader conducts Carol of the Bells

Or as my sister put it, Algonquin + Darth Vader + Christmas.

This is an open thread for general discussion on any topic, so feel free to post your own favourite geeky Christmas videos or other links of interest, talk about older stories, or whatever else you want to say as long as it’s within the comment policy.

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Terri has a PhD in horribleness, assuming we can all agree that web security is kind of horrible. She stopped working on skynet (err, automated program repair and AI) before robots from the future came to kill her and got a job in open source, which at least sounds safer. Now, she gets paid to break things and tell people they're wrong, and maybe help fix things so that people won't agree so readily with the first sentence of this bio in the future. Terri writes/tweets under the name terriko, enjoys making things and mentoring others and has a plain ol' home page at

5 thoughts on “Open Thread: Darth Vader conducts Carol of the Bells

  1. MadGastronomer

    Oh. Oh, god. I cannot stop LAUGHING! Thank you for that video. You have made my night.

  2. Ana

    Just got this via Geeks Are Sexy, and thought I’d share. It’s a great gek girl manifesto, in the first person.

  3. A.Y. Siu

    I’m leaving my job next year, which is in tech support, and we just posted it up, but all of the applicants so far have been male. Any tips for getting it out there to the females too? I don’t know if Geek Feminism or Linux Chix has some kind of job board or something.

  4. anna

    Here’s a really cool feminist computing project:

    Frances Hugle was a computer scientist and engineer who developed many processes and pieces of equipment under secret military contract while at Baldwin in the 1950s.
    She went on to become a Silicon Valley pioneer, including co-founding Siliconix as its first Director of Research. Recently, some of her papers were recovered from a burn pile.
    Her daughter and others are trying to raise money to have the papers preserved, electronically archived, and published. They are a rare record of the work of a female computerscientist in the
    1950s, and may become lost forever if money is not raised to preserve them.
    If you could give any money OR put a link to this project on your blog/twitter/Facebook/website/etc, that would be a great help.

    Here is the link:

    Thank you so much.

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