Privilege denying atheist: "We should be more skeptical of feminism: who knows, maybe women aren't people after all"

Quick hit: rAtheism fail

Warning: linked posts have, and quote, misogynist commentary.

  1. 15yo atheist woman Lunam posts pic of herself with Carl Sagan book to the atheism sub-reddit.
  2. Misogynist jokes about rape, women’s appearance, women’s intelligence, women’s attention-seeking follow. (You are awful, too is being linked widely as well.)
  3. Lunam has updated on reddit also.

    Finally, have some Scumbag Privilege Denying rAtheism:

2 thoughts on “Quick hit: rAtheism fail

  1. Jastiv

    I’m a female who was an atheist at 15 too. My dad had Carl Sagan, but I read a lot of Bertrand Russel stuff. I’m not an atheist anymore, instead I hold beliefs that are defiantly more marginalized. At 15, I found that atheism did not work for me, so I gave it up for good. (and not because of misogynist people) I don’t think teenagers know what religion or lack there of they will end up being, because they have not had much life experience yet.

    One thing I think that makes atheism more difficult for women, is men are taught to have big egos all the time. If something ever happens to your ego for any reason, atheism doesn’t give you any reason to go on in life. The thing I have noticed about atheists is they often have big egos that never deflate, especially the life long ones. This explains the egotistical jerk behavior.

  2. oldfeminist

    Jastiv, I don’t think atheism means you have no reason to live if you don’t have a big ego.

    Your life can be meaningful for many reasons — that might be your family or friends or career or something you really believe in other than religion or spirituality.

    None of those requires a big ego, just a feeling that you have something to contribute, some value, even if it’s just not disappointing someone you love by killing yourself.

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