Open Thread: Science Nation Army

Using real footage and sounds from a working science lab, the Inside Knowledge team have reconstructed the White Stripes song Seven Nation Army from scratch. Here’s the video:

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Terri has a PhD in horribleness, assuming we can all agree that web security is kind of horrible. She stopped working on skynet (err, automated program repair and AI) before robots from the future came to kill her and got a job in open source, which at least sounds safer. Now, she gets paid to break things and tell people they're wrong, and maybe help fix things so that people won't agree so readily with the first sentence of this bio in the future. Terri writes/tweets under the name terriko, enjoys making things and mentoring others and has a plain ol' home page at

7 thoughts on “Open Thread: Science Nation Army

  1. quartzpebble

    Warm fuzzies! This week I found out about 4 more well-reputed women doing research in my sub-field. I’d realized that I only knew about one, asked a professor in my department who’d mentioned that they were out there, and I now have more names to follow up on. He was also receptive when I suggested that something he could do was name-drop when their work was relevant to topics he was teaching about–citing by last name tends to make the women who are there relatively invisible.

  2. Jessica

    A woman named Pam is presenting a poster at the PyCon Python conference as a new Python programmer and first-time attendee thanks to a number of outreach organizations for women working together:

    The Python Software Foundation, PyStar Philly, the Boston Python Workshop, PyLadies, PyCon, and DevChix together made this happen. It’s a really nice example of successful, cooperative outreach in the Python community.

  3. CC

    by the way, there’s something in your page footers that sometimes redirects to a domain.

    I’ve seen it on another site as well. Look directly above the tag to find a script inserted which loads from

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