Quick Hit: #YestoFemaleDoctor on Twitter

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A tweet today from SFX Magazine’s Twitter account started the #yestofemaledoctor and #notofemaledoctor hashtags (the latter is about as douchey as you would expect).

A tweet from @SFXmagazine reading "So oustide of a Who con, is the world either #yestofemaledoctor or #notofemaledoctor ? Tweet now" Click the picture for the original tweet.

It’s started a fairly interesting conversation on Twitter that you might want to check out. Some of the highlights:

A tweet from @maria_siulee reading "#yestofemaledoctor science fiction that can cross time & space but not gender is a pathetic failure of imagination" Click the picture for the original tweet.

A tweet from @cnstoker reading "And while we're at it, #yestoDoctorofcolor. This isn't the US presidential elections. We can have both. #yestofemaledoctor" Click on the picture for the original tweet.

Tweet from @erinpuff

A tweet from @erinpuff, reading "I'm team #yestofemaledoctor, but not with Moffat as showrunner! A team of awesome feminists needs to stage a coup first." Click on the picture for the original tweet.

It’s encouraging that so many Who fans would like to see a lady Doctor, and would like to see a feminist Doctor Who. (They’re not, after all, the same thing.) I think we’re probably a long way from actually having a Doctor who is a lady, or a person of color, or (dis)abled, or trans*, because fans don’t run things, or worry about ratings and appealing to the lowest denominator. But it’s nice to know that even if they aren’t listening that hard, the fans are telling the BBC what we want, and it isn’t a show that participates in oppression.

3 thoughts on “Quick Hit: #YestoFemaleDoctor on Twitter

  1. Dorothea

    Huh. While Moffat isn’t what I would call perfect, his Who struck me as a massive improvement over Russell T. “all female companions can have no life not centered on the Doctor” Davies. (I wanted to SCREAM about when he brought Sarah Jane back, and he had her say Certain Possibly Spoilery Things to Rose…) Do not even get me STARTED about Davies greenlighting the Adipose.

    Could someone point me to an explication of Moffat’s gender fails?

    (BTW, #yestofemaledoctor and #yestodoctorofcolor here. Kills me dead that they turned down Paterson Joseph. Also, could we get #anotherdoctorolderthan50, please, while we’re at it? Matt Smith is just disturbingly too young for the role, though I suppose it’s nice to see a quite-young man romantically involved with Alex Kingston.)

    1. Courtney Stoker Post author

      s.e. smith has written about Stephen Moffat’s treatment of women a couple of times.

      Frequently, the complaints about Moffat’s women (particularly River Song) is precisely what you say happens with RTD: Their lives revolve around the Doctor. River Song’s conception, job, and whole existence actually revolves around the Doctor, which can’t really compare with any of RTD’s companions.

      I think one of the reasons that RTD’s Rose and Donna are so obsessed with the Doctor is because they are poor.

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