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Cool Hand Linkspam (1st June 2012)

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Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

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4 thoughts on “Cool Hand Linkspam (1st June 2012)

  1. Regis

    So, Gearbox is making an “Aliens: Colonial Marines” game, to be published by Sega. Awesome!

    And one of the bonuses available if you preorder the game from Game Stop is that you can play Marine characters from the movie. Also Awesome!

    The four Marines available: Hicks, Hudson, Apone, and Drake. That’s … wait. Hold up… No Vasquez?? Not even remotely awesome.

    1. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

      That’s not good at all. She was the coolest of the characters.

      Makes me wonder whether they have any women Marines at all in the game. That would be profoundly disappointing if they don’t.

      1. Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

        After looking at the PvP demo at E3 it looks as if there are no women player characters. My guess is that they did not assign any memory budget for a rig and animations for women characters. Though I could be wrong.

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