Grace Hopper: Sorry I missed that. I was busy inventing the compiler.

Quick hit: WHO invented the internet?

I’m betting there’s some of you who’ll want to discuss this awful article that starts by claiming that MEN invented the internet. But rather than quote the irritating original article in this post, I’m going to quote part of this rebuttal from Xeni Jardin:

You guys, ladies suck at technology and the New York Times is ON IT.

Radia “Mother of the Internet” Perlman and the ghosts of RADM Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace and every woman who worked in technology for the past 150 years frown upon you, sir. Women may have been invisible, but the work we did laid the groundwork for more visible advancements now credited to more famous men.

“Men are credited with inventing the internet.” There. Fixed it for you.

I ragequit this article like, 10 times, and couldn’t get past that awful opening line.

Read the rest of the rebuttal on BoingBoing, or read the original article.

So, uh, yeah. Here’s a post so you can have a comment thread on the topic that is moderated by feminists.

3 thoughts on “Quick hit: WHO invented the internet?

  1. Elizabeth G.

    I have read some comment thread a lot of places and one that I keep seeing is “Well men did do most of the work for the internet.” I am willing to admit that the tech industry is mostly made up of men so probably by numbers, men were more responsible but that wasn’t what the original article said. With one sentence David Streitfeld erased any contributions from women! Can you imagine if this was a racial demonstration case and he started the article with “White people invented the internet (asians probably helped some too).”? Mr Streitfeld, you are completely ignoring women’s contributions to technology and that, sir, is a dick move.

  2. Blake

    They erase women bit by bit to justify driving women out today. It is pernicious and cruel.

    As De Long says, why oh why can’t we have a better press corp?

  3. Angela

    I’m glad you folks post these horrendous articles along with such thoughtful rebuttals, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stand the frustration.

    I would really love to read a mainstream news article on harassment that doesn’t come from the privileged, dominant, “omg, sexual harrassment exists in this culture? this is the first we’ve heard of this”, and “well, maybe it happened, but maybe it was just made up by a disgruntled woman” perspective.

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