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Super Linkspam Brothers (12th June, 2012)

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7 thoughts on “Super Linkspam Brothers (12th June, 2012)

  1. John

    The BBC mentions mediaeval female protestors having been written out of history: Peasants’ Revolt: The time when women took up arms

    Some historians now suggest that sexist attitudes permeated medieval history. By translating Latin court records, Sylvia Federico, Associate Professor of English at Bates College, was able to establish that women were often at the heart of the revolt.

    From records held at the National Archives in Kew she discovered they did “almost everything” that men did – they incited crowds, chased their enemies and marched into London alongside the men.

    “They were not shy to pick up staffs, sticks, and staves and wield them against perceived oppressors,” says Federico.

  2. Mercury

    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a great webcomic. Point taken as to the gendered toy industry, but I would argue that playing with dolls encourages imagination just as much as building robots does, just in a different direction. A doll is a very open-ended sort of toy that encourages roleplay in all sorts of situations. True, many dolls are geared towards imagining scenarios revolving around fashion, but when I played with my Barbie dolls as a kid, they had all sorts of adventures. They went shopping, yes, but they also had large multi-generational families, fought kidnappers, went on quests a la Lord of the Rings, wreaked havoc, rode horses, went to the hospital, etc.

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