Open thread: A video for the sexist gamer dudes

The line around 3:14 made me laugh, so I’m embedding this video right here:

The Border House blog has a transcript, if you are so inclined.

This is intended as an open thread, where you can talk not only about sexist gamer dudes “who still think that sandwich joke is funny” but also any older stories for which the comments are now closed, or you can bring up new stuff you think we should know about.

3 thoughts on “Open thread: A video for the sexist gamer dudes

  1. Elizabeth G.

    I really like the video he references about Trolls being sad: Why Trolling Needs to be Legal. Although I am so concerned about the amount a people (which I am sure is less than if feels but still to much) who really enjoy being ass hats on the internet. For more video discussion of Trolls see Internet Comments Talk Show. Do people really get some much pleasure from ripping people online?

  2. Rimmi

    Great video.

    If only there was away to take away the safe, protective bubble of anonimity online, that would solve a whole bunch of shit.

    1. Terri

      Alas, taking away the bubble of anonymity is unlikely to solve the problem and leads to other social issues (e.g. see the problems with the real names stuff previously discussed here). But I do wish there were a way to pop the protective bubble of entitlement and asshattery.

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