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Linkspam Of Unusual Size (22nd June, 2012)

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Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

7 thoughts on “Linkspam Of Unusual Size (22nd June, 2012)

  1. d2k

    Do you really check the linkspam comments for submissions? They often seem to fail to make it in…


    Overtly ‘girly’ scientists alienate potential students

    New Scientist discusses the results of a recently-published article by Diana Betz and Denise Sekaquaptewa, “My Fair Physicist? Feminine Math and Science Role Models Demotivate Young Girls”. Betz and Sekaquaptewa found that images of conventionally feminine women in science fields actually demotivated female middle school students and decreased their perceptions of their likelihood of success in science and math.

    . . .

    “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!”

    Sociological Images looks at the utter failure of the new video released by the European Commission, “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!”, meant to encourage girls to consider careers in the natural and physical sciences, presenting science, as the title suggests, as an area compatible with femininity and other “girl things” — make-up, high heels, and fashion.

      1. d2k

        Hmm. The comment I left above that one seems to have been eaten. I no longer have the links at hand–hope it may be in the mod queue.

      2. d2k

        More updates:

        Olga Khazan covers some of the blacklash against “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” video at the Washington Post

        And Feminist Philosophers asks: “And why didn’t they just show images of females actually doing science? Or show what genders look like together, doing science?”

        . . .

        And on a different but related note:

        Athene Donald: End the macho culture that turns women off science – “We are wasting an enormous pool of talent by not encouraging women to enter and stay in this discipline”

    1. ellie

      We do check them. I think most do make it in. If they’re not particularly relevant, or if we’ve had too many on the same topic they might not. It is up to each compiler’s discretion. And some might get missed or one of us might forget one time (we’re only human). But I think what you’re probably noticing is that I made this particular one several days early, so most of the links from the one right before this post weren’t there yet and got pushed to the linkspam after this one rather than showing up here.

      1. d2k

        Thank you for taking the time to reply, ellie–and more than that, thank you for putting in the work to compile the linkspams.

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