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Freaky Friday Linkspam (13th, July 2012)

It’s been a busy week for linkspam!

  • You Ask Why I Need To Talk About Women in the Python Community?: The day following her successful Europython talk on engaging women in the Python community, Pythonista Lynn discovers a distasteful tweet tagged with #pyladies. Lynn: “I JUST gave a talk on yesterday about women & Python.  This dude asked me a question on the things men do unconsciously.
  • Ouya’s Big Day: Ouya, a video game console company headed by Julie Uhrman, “became the eighth project in Kickstarter history to raise more than a million dollars, and the fastest ever to do so.” 
  • On Race, Feminism, and Jodie Landon | Racialicious – the intersection of race and pop culture: “Look at her. Gaze upon the one person who is even more aware of the irony and hypocrisy of the world than Daria Morgendorffer. This is the one person who has even more right and insight to call everyone out on their sh-t.”
  • How I Stopped Worrying and Started Loving PyLadies: “The fact is: we want [women] to enrich our community, so we have to look for pragmatic ways to get them in – even if the means don’t seem sound to us on the first sight because we don’t get it.”
  • Sexism red/yellow cards at Defcon: “I will let you in on a not very well kept secret. Defcon is hell for women. Defcon is also many wonderful things. It is a fantastic environment to learn, network, and connect with friends old and new. But I’m not here to talk about that.”
  • How Stereotypes Can Drive Women To Quit Science: “[Researchers] had male and female scientists at a research university wear the audio recorders and go about their work. When the scientists analyzed the audio samples, they found there was a pattern in the way the male and female professors talked to one another. When male scientists talked to other scientists about their research, it energized them. But it was a different story for women.”
  • Willamette Geek: Turns Out, Portland Women Do Want to Code“: “‘It is definitely not the case that women don’t want to learn to code,’ says Rowley. ‘What appears to be the case is that women are human beings, and human beings are generally averse to stepping alone and uninvited into communities in which they feel like they don’t belong (or aren’t welcome). In our follow-up survey, over half of the female respondents mentioned that one of the main things that got them to come out to the event was that it was women-oriented.'”
  • See, This is What I’m Talking About: Tosh.0 and Rape “Jokes”: (Trigger warning: rape) The Women’s Health News blog is looking for a tough-stomached vidder in response to this week’s Daniel Tosh controversy.
  • A Woman Scorned By Fans: Why do so many fans hate the female leads of their favorite television shows? “This hate isn’t even just coming from lonely geeks in the basement, pining after girls. It’s not even coming from just dudes. And that rhetoric used demonstrates that it has nothing to do with fans wanting stronger female characters.”
  • Teenage Dread | Toronto Standard: How teenage-girl metalheads are derided by metal bands and metal culture.

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