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Linkspammer’s Delight (20th, July 2012)

You can suggest links for future linkspams in comments here, or by using the “geekfeminism” tag on delicious or or the “#geekfeminism” tag on Twitter. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

3 thoughts on “Linkspammer’s Delight (20th, July 2012)

  1. the15th

    Coding Horror’s new programming jargon includes “hooker code” (goes down all the time, get it?) and a “mad girlfriend bug” (“you see something strange happening, but the software is telling you everything is fine.”)

  2. Kimberly Chapman

    I stumbled on your blog while searching for an elusive concept on Goodreads (feminist romance…yeah…still working on that one…). I wish I was surprised at some of the content in these links, but sadly, it seems to be the dominant subjects of discussion on G+ lately. The geek world – which ought to embrace women and purports all the time to do so – is far too rife with this juvenile nonsense.

    Much sighing, but thank you for the links. I’ll share some of ’em on G+ later, when I’m up to battling yet another round of inevitable WATM and other assorted trolls.

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