A Linkspam for the People (27th July 2012)

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8 thoughts on “A Linkspam for the People (27th July 2012)

  1. Kimberly Chapman

    Awesome…in particular the Sally Ride one. I’ve been long arguing with my daughter’s school against their constant seminars on “girl brains, boy brains”, and the NASA article is an excellent example of how institutionalized gender stereotypes can get in the way of real science. I just posted that to the parent group.

  2. Leah L.

    One thumb down on the 10-Thing-Women-Invented.

    The obligatory Grace Hopper mention aside, apparently, chocolate chip cookies > the Internet. >_<

    1. Addie

      Leah, thanks for calling this one out. I usually review all linkspam submissions when putting them together, but clearly didn’t go through that one in its entirety.

      1. ConFigures

        Well, it told me about female inventors I hadn’t heard of before, so I was glad to read it! The one that interested me the most was #10, the circular saw. The colored flares one was cool, too.

  3. jlstrecker

    There’s a great article in the Jan 2011 issue of Muse (magazine for kids) about the Mercury 13 — the 13 potential women astronauts whose training was cancelled in 1962. According to one of the women, who met with Pres. Lyndon Johnson to ask him to reinstate the program, Johnson said that if NASA let women be astronauts, next they’d have to let blacks.

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