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You require more linkspam (31st July, 2012)

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7 thoughts on “You require more linkspam (31st July, 2012)

  1. Matthew Jude Brown

    That Cracked article makes me mad because it defends good general points with the worst choice of specific examples possible. Many are completely, factually wrong. The author did not do his research at all, and has certainly never played any of the games in question.

    An article about racism in gaming in which almost all the examples are wrong is just going to help convince gamers that the argument is full of shit, because the examples are.

  2. AMM

    Somewhat OT, but I don’t know where else to report it:

    did something change with the Web server? The format of the GeekFeminism pages is completely different from 2 days ago — a (mostly blank) screen with articles down the middle, not to mention some sort of element covering up the left side of the first article.

    1. Ellie

      Oh, also, if you leave a comment on that other thread letting them know what browser you’re in, they can investigate the bit covering up the article. I’m not seeing that problem in Chrome.

      1. AMM

        OK, so there _was_ a change, I just didn’t see the report (it wasn’t a regular article, I guess.) And I did find the “ephemera” section, way at the bottom.

        I don’t mind the change — IMHO, simpler is better (I’ve always created my web pages by writing straight HTML using “vi”) — but I wondered if WordPress had suddenly decided to “unsupport” my browser, like Google did. (Given that Google has been going over to the Dark Side, that may be just as well…)

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