A few blog changes

We’ve decided to change to a simpler theme designed to use all the lastest features in WordPress. We hope it meets with your approval.

If you have any problems with it, please leave feedback here.

23 thoughts on “A few blog changes

  1. NP

    The “Leave a Reply” box is so unnecessarily huge that I right now, I can’t even see the comment above mine. Is there any way to push the boxes closer together?

  2. AMM

    I just found out that the change in the “look” of the site was intentional. Fine with me, I’ll just need to find my way around in it.

    One issue: the “Featured Post” has some sort of white object, right under the words “Featured Post”, which covers up the left hand side of the post. In my browser (Firefox for Linux), the title I can see is “k Feminism”. The left side of the text is also covered.

    I can read the text by doing “view page source,” like I have to do to read the mouse-overs in xkcd (obl. geekiness), but it _is_ a bit of a pain….

    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

    1. tigtog Post author

      AMM, I’ll look into what’s going on there. Any chance of sending a screenshot to me (username at gmail)?

  3. tekanji

    Is there any way you could implement a mobile version of this site? I swear the old incarnation had one, but this one doesn’t seem to (or at least I was unable to find a way to switch to it). I ask because the layout is semi-broken on my iPhone (which is the main way I read the blog).

      1. tekanji

        Thanks. This theme tries to be mobile friendly, but it just makes everything hard to read :(

    1. tigtog Post author

      Hi, thanks for commenting to nudge me from my current brain-fog. I will get a mobile theme sorted out within 24 hours.

  4. Russell Coker

    Would it be possible to provide an option to change the way the comments are displayed? The current setup works well if you have a reasonable size display and the comments aren’t threaded too deep. But on a phone once the comments get a few levels deep it goes to one word per line which is really hard to read.

    1. tigtog Post author

      The mobile theme has just been enabled – I hope it handles the comments in a more friendly fashion.

  5. tekanji

    I don’t know if I’ the only one having this problem, but the mobile theme only displays an empty post called “front” and not any of the actual posts.

    1. tigtog Post author

      My apologies for not responding earlier – apparently WP decided to stop sending me notifications of replies sometime last week.

      I’ll look into it.

  6. AMM

    1. The main page does not have a “previous” link (or if it does, I couldn’t find it.) The archive pages do, but on my browser, it overprints something else — it looks like a bad “captcha”.

    2. The “archives” menu doesn’t do anything unless you have JavaScript enabled. (I usually run with JavaScript off because so many websites are unusably slow with JavaScript on.)

    3. Entering a reply with JavaScript on is annoyingly slow – there is a very perceptable delay between keypress and screen response (as much as a second sometimes.) Granted, it’s better than some websites, where it may be 5-10 seconds, but I still find a “preview” button much easier to use than real-time formatting.

    1. tigtog Post author

      1. That’s because we’re using the Twenty Eleven showcase page as the front page. Maybe we need to rethink that.
      2. Having JavaScript off is also why you’re having problems with the drop-down menu overwriting the top of the post area. If we don’t use the JavaScript to nest those items, they take up way too much screen space as a list. I’m not sure there’s a good way around that.
      3. I’ll look into non-JavaScript preview button options.

  7. pfctdayelise

    The current style doesn’t encourage exploring the archives. The only way to get to tags or categories is through existing posts. An archive that you can only access via the month is of limited use IMO.

    Oh wait, I just found there is a tag cloud on the 404 page! And the search results. That’s rather random.

    There seems to be only 7 items per page when you do search which means a lot of paging, given how “generous” the search is (matches part-words, eg “mode” matches “model”)

    Some old posts seem to have mangled punctuation, like smart quotes gone wrong. e.g. It could have always been like this, or it could be my browser or something, I dunno.

    1. Mary

      The mangled character encodings seem to be an artefact of a database dump and reload from some time back, we’re trying to get some roundtuits to fix it.

    2. tigtog Post author

      I’ve rejigged so that the tag cloud is on the front page, and there’s now 10 items per page.

    1. tigtog Post author

      That seems a rather bizarre omission on the part of the base theme coders. I will seek explanations.

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