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Linkspam Takes the Gold (3 August, 2012)

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3 thoughts on “Linkspam Takes the Gold (3 August, 2012)

  1. Kimberly Chapman

    Egads, could the comments on that last one proved the point a little more? If I hadn’t seen the same crap like that over and over and over again, I’d almost think they were staged to display precisely the sort of behaviour being decried in the first place. But sadly, those sorts of comments are becoming normal to me in these spheres. I am officially bummed out.

    1. Addie

      Last week seemed to be a pretty bad one for bumming-out comments! After some of the other stuff I saw, the Silicon Valley post was actually a bit of a relief in terms of the balance between clueless comments and pushback. But I definitely have a new appreciation for moderated spaces after all of that.

  2. Selki

    Readercon came out with a really good apology for their board’s wrist-slap of a harasser (the board has resigned), a reversal (now enforcing of the permanent ban policy), explanation of why this is important, plans for improvement and training of staff, invitation for participation: It’s all kinds of good.

    Relatedly, I thought this in-depth entry (“An Old-School She-Geek”, thoughts about fandom, feminism, insecurity, and Readercon) and discussion in comments was interesting:

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