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World-Record Linkspam (10th August, 2012)

  • Frustrations of an Asian American Whedonite: “Would you ever tell a story that purported to have major elements of American gay culture, without having a single gay character in-frame for more than 3 seconds? What about a show that claimed some feminist themes, but cast only men, with women barely seen and never heard?”
  • Olympians: Superhero Bodies and What Real Athletes Look Like: “In fact, [the bodies of Olympic athletes] seem a lot more varied than the characters in the pages of most super-books. So are superhero comics getting it wrong?”
  • The Trouble With Wife Aggro: Aro reacts to a panel with “Wife Aggro” in the title appearing on the PAX Prime schedule: “When you title your panel ‘Wife Aggro,’ what you are saying is that this is a place for dudes and that women (unless they’re committed monogamous lesbians from one of a handful of US states or Canada, I guess?) are not invited…”
  • Scalzi: An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping (at cons): “Yeah, I do meet a lot of people and/or I do find many of the people I know in a casual way to be attractive in one way or another. The very last thing I want is for them to feel that I am a creepy assbag. These are the things I do to avoid coming across as one.”
  • Meet Ouya, The $99 Android-Based Gaming Console With a Woman CEO: “To Uhrman, the Ouya is a ‘love letter to gamers,’ and its a beautiful letter thus far — I just hope its addressed to all gamers, 40-year-old Farmville-loving soccer moms included.”
  • Why It’s Important To Cut That Creeper Guy From Your Social Group: “Beyond having good anti-harassment policies at the executive level of the convention, you and your friends or peer group should have an anti-harassment policy amongst yourselves.”
  • The Importance of a Gay Gamer Convention: “When you accuse these folks of segregating themselves, you forget that they were already pretty fucking segregated, and having them band together is the last thing their haters want, really — because keeping them isolated and singular is the best way to keep them quiet.”
  • [Trigger Warning: Rape, Rape Apologism] The Pervocracy: The People You Meet When You Write About Rape: Cliff Pervocracy has compiled a list worthy of a new bingo card.

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7 thoughts on “World-Record Linkspam (10th August, 2012)

  1. Beth

    And then they changed the name of the “Wife Aggro” panel without changing the fact that it’s four dudes in a room talking about fatherhood. What a fucking cop-out.

    It is clear that the organizers’ social circle does not contain any women, and so they have zero frame of reference and feel no need to maybe step outside their comfort zone, so instead they stand in the hole and keep on diggin’…

    1. Addie

      I saw that too, and thought the same things – calling it “Spouse Aggro” when it’s a panel of men doesn’t make me feel any better about it.

  2. d2k

    Great job on the linkspam.

    Here’s a link for the next one:
    Stories, Women & Games: “So what if there were cool games, with cool mechanics, that your significant other (be they man or woman) might actually enjoy sharing with you? What if we made games that didn’t relegate the activity to the allmighty secluded man-cave? Wouldn’t that be great?”

  3. Elizabeth

    There’s a kickstarter for creating a video seminar series to help women in tech get jobs:

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