Wall of Spam, by freezelight on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

This Linkspam Will Burn (21 August 2012)

  • Gaslamp Games forums are amazing: “I’m about to tell you a story about videogames, kitchens, and internet forums that has a happy ending. Stop laughing, I’m serious.”
  • Racialicious Crush of the Week: George Takei: “Takei’s advocated for the US government to rights its wrongs against Japanese Americans and for bridge-building between the two nations. Among other things, he asked his fans to call their senators to not vote for a bill that echoed the executive order that interred Japanese Americans and co-founded the Japanese American National Museum.The Japanese government bestowed the Order of the Rising Sun, Golden Rays with Rosette for his activism. Oh yes… and he-like his fellow Racialicious Crush Of The Week Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson-has an asteroid named after him. From the earth to the heavens, from history to the future and back again-I couldn’t think of a cooler person to co-steer us through, calmly and boldly.”
  • Moms at tech start-ups say they can have it all: “Here in the Valley, especially, female technology executives with young children were rankled by a recent controversial story in The Atlantic on the inability of working women to “have it all.” At a USA TODAY roundtable of 14 tech moms held here on Aug. 6, many insisted that “having it all” is possible with the proper network of friends, a supportive partner, outsourcing and ruthless time management.”
  • Geek Time with Karen Sandler: Video interview of Karen Sandler, Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation.
  • [Trigger Warning: Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny] 5 Prejudices That Video Games Can’t Seem to Get Over: “We’ve mentioned before that movies still inexplicably revolve around prejudices that we thought we had outgrown decades ago, but that can at least be attributed to the age of the medium. Movies came into their own nearly a century ago; those prejudices are likely just strangely persistent moral throwbacks. But video games are different, because they’re ours, right? There’s no reason to inherit our grandparents’ bigotry because we made these things up: We’ve set the standards, we’ve made the rules and we know that being racist, sexist, homophobic jerkholes is wrong … don’t we?”

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