Massively Multiplayer Linkspam (31 August 2012)

  • Female Characters and Sexual Violence: “The idea that a powerful female character outweighs violence against women so much that women actually find those shows more reassuring than shows without violence at all is pretty amazing.”
  • Men Explain Things to Me: Rebecca Solnit’s well-known essay has a new introduction.
  • Sociologists consider how male scientists balance work and family: “The scholars conducted in-depth interviews with 74 physicists and biologists who are graduate students or faculty members at prestigious universities, and the results illustrate options that male scientists have that many female scientists who have or want children lack.”
  • Atheism Plus, and Some Thoughts on Divisiveness: “Face it. This community is already divided. And it is divided in a way that is making many, many women feel cut out… So why is it that forming a subset of atheism that prioritizes the inclusion of women, over the inclusion of hateful, misogynist assholes, is what’s being seen as ‘divisive’?”
  • You Don’t Get to Choose How Other People Feel: “What we are saying is this: not everyone is like you. Not everyone likes what you like. Not everyone grew up the same way you grew up. Not everyone had the same opportunities or skills or goals or education or experiences you did, so think about what you say and do and how it might affect other people before you say or do it.”

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2 thoughts on “Massively Multiplayer Linkspam (31 August 2012)

  1. jlstrecker

    Up until the end of July, all of the creators and innovators honored in Google Doodles in the US this year had been men. Finally, Doodles have paid attention to women — Amelia Earhart (July 24), Julia Child (August 15), and Maria Montessori (August 31).

    Is it a trend or just a blip?

    If it’s a blip, well, you can say “me too” to the bug report.

  2. tekanji

    [TW: Abuse, self-harm and suicide]

    On the whole I enjoyed Solnit’s new introduction to Men Explain Things to Me, but I was taken aback when she labeled non-physical violence as “symbolic”. Words can destroy just as readily as fists, and can be just as deadly. Verbal abuse is no less real just because the injuries aren’t visible. And it is no less real when it’s the victim extracting the physical price on themselves. Calling non-physical abuse “symbolic” is an insult to all the victims and survivors of verbal/emotional abuse. And it’s dangerous because it sets up a false line between “real”/serious abuse and “symbolic”/”not really abuse” abuse.

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