Fus Ro Linkspam (14 September, 2012)

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2 thoughts on “Fus Ro Linkspam (14 September, 2012)

  1. Mercury

    re: Barbie Feminism

    Ugh, thank you! I have never understood why they think pinkifying science will make it appeal to girls. What got me into math was not the prospect of being some kind of, I dunno, hot Bond girl scientist, or being able to measure pretty shiny diamonds. It was just math itself being really freaking amazing, which I got from great professors and serious courses, not from some kind of veneer of coolness they’d pasted on. It didn’t need it. Having female role models in my department helped a bunch, but again, it wasn’t that they were modeling how to be feminine and pretty and sparkly and how math could lead you to that, just that they were women and they were mathematicians both at once, and they were just really great people, both on a personal level and a scientific one.

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