Cookie of the Week*: dherman suggests playing the blog post, not the CV

Cookie of the Week* is an occasional series highlighting action in the geek community to fight sexism, in order to show that fighting sexism is possible and happening.

When a poster on Hacker News disliked a blog post of Hilary Mason’s and disparaged not only the contents of the post but also criticised her job title and her self-description, dherman replied:

[Disclaimer: I have decades of first-hand knowledge of Hilary’s awesomeness, going back to when we were CS students together in college. So yeah, I’m defending my friend.]

I’d like to ask you to think twice before publicly questioning someone’s credentials like this. Whatever your intentions, picking on someone’s CV just because of a blog post you disagree with is not only rude, but it sends a message — particularly to women in tech — that if they speak publicly, if they offer up their opinion, they will be attacked not about the content of their point but about their competence to speak at all. I believe this kind of attack has real consequences on our field, and I would urge everyone to show everyone the respect they’d want for themselves.

(via Tim on Twitter)

Enjoy some Tetris cookies, dherman:

Tetris cookies
Tetris cookies by andremache

Does anyone else have any cookies to spare this week?

* Disclaimer: cookies may not be baked weekly!