Linkspam of Pandaria (25 September, 2012)

  • AT&T Archives: First There Was Sarah: Recruiting video for women at AT&T in 1969, and an interesting history of women working at AT&T from the 19th century on.
  • Swing And A Miss: “While many know about the [All-American Girls Professional Baseball League] due to the 1992 movie A League of Their Own, few realize that women played professional, minor league baseball until 1931. That year, a young woman named Jackie Mitchell ended women’s hopes of breaking into the big leagues. How? By striking out Babe Ruth. And, for good measure, she struck out Lou Gehrig too.”
  • When sex and porn are on-topic at conferences: Keeping it women-friendly: “We’d like to start a discussion: How can the Ada Initiative extend the example anti-harassment conference policy to explicitly allow respectful, woman-positive discussion of topics like sex and pornography when it is on-topic, without creating loopholes for sexist and exclusionary behavior to creep back in?”
  • Recently divorced woman sends her wedding ring into space on a homemade rocket: “Talk about catharsis: Looking to find a unique way to symbolically end her marriage, Rebecca Gibbs from Christchurch, New Zealand, has sent her wedding ring into space by using a homemade rocket that she built with her brother. After watching the rocket’s second propulsion phase kick in, Gibbs described the experience as ‘uplifting.'”
  • Women Speak Less When They’re Outnumbered: “There is an exception to this rule of gender participation, however. The time inequality disappeared when researchers instructed participants to decide by a unanimous vote instead of majority rule. Results showed that the consensus-building approach was particularly empowering for women who were outnumbered by men in their group.”
  • More responses to the study on gender bias in science that we linked last week:
    • Bias Persists Against Women of Science, a Study Says – “As a result, the report found, the professors were less likely to offer the women mentoring or a job. And even if they were willing to offer a job, the salary was lower. The bias was pervasive, the scientists said, and probably reflected subconscious cultural influences rather than overt or deliberate discrimination.”
    • Study shows gender bias in science is real. Here’s why it matters. Whenever the subject of women in science comes up, there are people fiercely committed to the idea that sexism does not exist. They will point to everything and anything else to explain differences while becoming angry and condescending if you even suggest that discrimination could be a factor. But these people are wrong. This data shows they are wrong. And if you encounter them, you can now use this study to inform them they’re wrong.

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2 thoughts on “Linkspam of Pandaria (25 September, 2012)

  1. d2k

    A Reddit user going by the handle “european_douchebag” posted a surreptitious photo of a Sikh woman with the caption “i’m not sure what to conclude from this.” The user’s apparent confusion stems from the fact that the woman—bound by her religion not to cut her hair or alter her body—has an abundance of dark, untrimmed facial hair. But then something totally lovely and unexpected happened. The woman in the photo responded.

  2. Ms. Sunlight

    You have the usual hateful comments in response to the IO9 article about the woman who sent her ring up in a rocket, calling her wasteful, a bitch, crazy etc. Great story, predictably depressing response!

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