Go go gadget linkspam (28 September, 2012)

  • On Seminars and the Sex Ratio of Geosciences Departments | downwithtime: It turns out that the more women a department has, the fewer women it has presenting at seminars, at least for this small sample. What’s going on?
  • Minimal Posters – Six Women Who Changed Science. And The World.: What the title says
  • How Many Programmers AreThere? | The Computer Boys Take Over: Critical look at data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on programmer employment
  • Why the Death of Mom-and-Pop Pharmacies Has Been Great for Women | The Atlantic: “according to new research, the rise of big national pharmacy chains that have wiped them out has been a great triumph for women in the workplace.”
  • Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled | Jezebel: “A Reddit user going by the handle “european_douchebag” posted a surreptitious photo of a Sikh woman with the caption “i’m not sure what to conclude from this.” The user’s apparent confusion stems from the fact that the woman—bound by her religion not to cut her hair or alter her body—has an abundance of dark, untrimmed facial hair. But then something totally lovely and unexpected happened. The woman in the photo responded.”
  • Feminism and Romance | Laura Vivanco: from the link suggester, “There was a linkspam entry on 7 August containing a “feminist romance” link. Unfortunately, the linked article effectively denigrates romance novels and perpetuates invalid stereotypes. Statements like “in romance, the man always saves the woman, and we should have women who help themselves”, “there is no LGBT romance” may have been true some 20 years ago, but such books are easy to find today. Laura Vivanco is a blogger who critiques romance from a academic literary perspective, and her entry contains a more balanced take on romance and feminism – as she says, not all romance novels are feminist, but many are, and I think this is important to get out, or otherwise it’s just bashing women’s writing (which romance is, essentially – women writing for women about women’s concerns).”

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3 thoughts on “Go go gadget linkspam (28 September, 2012)

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Thanks very much for linking to my blog. If you’re interested in linking to another post about feminism and romance, can I recommend one by Jackie C. Horne? She’s only recently started a new blog, Romance Novels for Feminists, and she has a post up at the moment which outlines some of the things “a feminist [can] get from reading romance.”

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