I spent years building up a tolerance to linkspam (19 October, 2012)

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5 thoughts on “I spent years building up a tolerance to linkspam (19 October, 2012)

  1. maiki

    I love all the linkspam titles, but this one took me a few moments to figure out. Thanks for collecting these links, and keeping the creative titles coming. ^_^

      1. maiki

        Oh, I don’t think that matters. That didn’t throw me off, it was that suddenly I thought of someone really creepy announcing a GF post title that made me giggle, then I figured it out. ^_^

  2. d2k

    The doyenne of British psychology, Professor Uta Frith DBE, has written an article for the Huffington Post calling for more recognition of female scientists.http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/uta-frith/scientific-heroines-royal-society-london-a-factory-for-scientific-_b_1967140.html

    She says that one way to do this is through creating and editing Wikipedia entries about inspiring female scientists past and present, and today the Royal Society (of which Frith is a Fellow) begins an edit-athon to do just that. One example of a glaring omission on Wikipedia at present, mentioned by Frith, is the lack of an entry for cognitive neuroscientist Eleanor Maguire of UCL, despite how hugely influential her work has been. (http://bps-research-digest.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/how-skilled-are-london-taxi-drivers-at.html)

    Frith also has a related article in the Daily Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/9612668/Shining-a-light-on-our-science-heroines.html

    (via BPS Research Digest)

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