Linkspam smash! (13 November, 2012)

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6 thoughts on “Linkspam smash! (13 November, 2012)

  1. tekanji

    I have to caution anyone who would submit to The Border House; they don’t seem to have any editorial guidelines in place. A friend of mine submitted her article–a time sensitive one, at that–over a month ago. They accepted it, but did not publish it nor did they communicate with her about the status of the article.

    Frankly, I find it to be in bad taste for them to have called for new writers when they aren’t even able to handle their current submissions in a timely manner. They declined to discuss the issue publicly (by deleting any references to their actions and her article in the comments), but I don’t think it’s fair to entice new writers without telling them the whole story.

    Ultimately, The Border House is an “Author Beware” situation. If you submit your article it might be published without a problem, or it might be accepted and held indefinitely with no communication from their editors. So be careful what you decide to submit, and consider cross-posting anything you want people to see (so if they drop the ball and hold it indefinitely, it’s still published elsewhere).

    1. Maverynthia

      Slight corrections Tekanji. Might as well admit it was me since I plan an angry frustrated rant on my own blog. It was over.. let’s see three and a half months ago. (early Aug till Nov.) Over one month seems a bit short. I was also told to edit out my “anger” on the post and not be so accusative… even after I got a heaping pile victim blaming on me from who the article was about.
      Then when I left a small little “Speaking of articles…” comment, yes one line. They came back and said they were “disappointed” that I dared try to open a dialogue like that. Honestly the whole thing has left be stressed out, angry, and frustrated. The Border House does not speak for me as a feminist gamer. :/

  2. Shauna

    I tried to reply to the article for feedback on the website theme, but it was already closed, so I’ll put it here:

    I have only *just* discovered that this theme has multiple featured posts at once, and that you can toggle between them using the very subtle dots above the posts’ main image.

    I was so confused by the way posts seemed to just appear without every being featured, but now I understand that they were featured, they were just hidden. Perhaps you could consider having the features automatically toggle every few seconds, so people know they’re there? Or perhaps you could limit the featured articles to one at a time, so there’s nothing being hidden.

    I have already switched to reading geekfeminism’s posts with a feedreader, which I think I’m going to stick to – there are other reasons this theme doesn’t work for me – but I thought I would mention this in case it helps anyone else.

    1. Also (Formerly) Confused

      Oh, thanks for pointing that out! I was wondering the same thing and hadn’t noticed the dots.

  3. Rachel

    Future linkspam link-
    UltraViolet- Nominate a Gift
    Nominate an empowering toy, game, DVD, book, or other gift for a girl for holiday shopping

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