That’s no moon…it’s a linkspam! (27 November, 2012)

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4 thoughts on “That’s no moon…it’s a linkspam! (27 November, 2012)

  1. nonskanse

    Is there a site to point people to when they start arguing against including non-white-dudes? Quotas, equal op, etc? I’m ok but not nearly good enough to counter all of their stupid red herrings and whatnot.

    (ie: “if women were qualified they’d be here!”)

  2. Alan

    Can anyone vouch for the D&D Museum people? Who are they? Do we have any evidence they have the necessary skills to start and run a museum? Just the relocation costs from themselves will eat a bit chunk of their budget. How will two people support themselves on this, or do they have a day job that can survive a cross-country move? How do they know $150,000 is the right amount of money when they’re considering locations scattered across the country? I’m also worried that this a flexible funding campaign, so if they raise just $5,000, they’ll get the money despite it not really helping with their goal at all.

    At best I think it’s two people with a great vision but no evidence they can actually pull it off. Absent that evidence, I think it best to warn people away from this project.

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