Monty python and the search for the holy linkspam (30 November, 2012)

  • Why People Really Love Technology: An Interview with Genevieve Bell: “We had this fascination with… this notion that technology was being used by men. The data just didn’t reflect that. When you look the globe over, women are 44 to 45 percent of the world’s Internet users. They spend more time online than men–17 percent more a month.”
  • Fem-Tech Edit-a-thon sparks discussions about Wikipedia gender gap: “Wikipedia’s dogged insistence on ‘objectivity’ and ‘neutrality’ – something that all Wikipedians know cannot be achieved anyway – reinforces what many feminists would argue is a masculine way of seeing the world. Rejecting the lived, personal experience of women and the ways in which they tell their stories can thus be seen as a rejection of feminism.”
  • #1ReasonWhy: Female Game Devs Speak About Marginalization in the Industry: “Yesterday, a Twitter user asking that tired question of “why aren’t there more female game creators?” launched the hashtag #1ReasonWhy, which quickly grew as women and men in the game industry shared stories of sexism and marginalization-reasons there aren’t more female game developers.”
  • too many reasons why: “I’ve been watching the #1reasonwhy hashtag on Twitter with an anxious kind of understanding. Like, part of me wants to jump right in and post a dozen of my own experiences, but I’ve also learned what happens if you say that shit publicly: you’re berated, blamed, dismissed. I’ve been there. But why the fuck should I have to fear posting this? I’ve been quiet on Twitter and Facebook lately, for many reasons, but you know what? I think I’ll make my own list of Reasons Why right here:”

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