The linkspam is dead, long live the linkspam (28 December, 2012)

  • No Women in CS? Well, Not For Long: “Since 2009, the number of female undergraduates majoring in CS at Stanford has increased 9.5 percentage points. The introductory course, CS 106A, has exploded in popularity and has reached a near celebrity status…. Perhaps most impressively, the course has reached gender parity.”
  • Domestic Violence Hackathon: “Address the challenge of domestic violence by building technology solutions to assist agencies that work to support victims and advance efforts to bring perpetrators to justice.”
  • Kenyan Women Create Their Own ‘Geek Culture’ : All Tech Considered : NPR: “But you need more than tech giants and broadband and even money to launch a local tech industry. You also need a culture of computer geeks. That’s where Owigar and her collective Akirachix come in. They want to make sure that the girl geeks are encouraged as much as the guys.”

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2 thoughts on “The linkspam is dead, long live the linkspam (28 December, 2012)

  1. exhipigeonist

    I highly recommend a recent post from @Asher_Wolf on various negative experiences that came from working with cryptoparty affiliated individuals and groups. It’s about sexism and misogyny, but relates this to the lack of supportive, inclusive spaces in general.

    Dear Hacker Community – We Need To Talk

    The (many) comments are worth reading, too, to get a picture on some of the opinions present within this diverse group. (However, the usual sexist and victim blaming comments have been posted, so a trigger warning is perhaps necessary.)

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