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GF classifieds (January to March 2013)

This is another round of Geek feminism classifieds. If you’re looking to hire women, find some people to participate in your study, find female speakers, or just want some like-minded folk to join your open source project, this is the thread for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Geeky subjects only. We take a wide view of geekdom, but if your thing isn’t related to an obviously geeky topic, you’ll probably want to give a bit of background on why the readers of Geek Feminism would be interested.
  2. Explain what your project/event/thing is, or link to a webpage that provides clear, informative information about it. Ideally you’ll also explain why geek women might find it particularly awesome.
  3. Explain what you’re looking for. Even if it’s not a job ad, think of it like one: what is the activity/role in question, and what would it involve? What is the profile of people you’re looking for?
  4. GF has international readership, so please be sure to indicate the location if you’re advertising a job position, conference, or other thing where the location matters. Remember that city acronyms aren’t always known world-wide and lots of cities share names, so be as clear as possible! (That is, don’t say “SF[O]” or “NYC” or “Melb”, say “San Francisco, USA”, “New York City, USA” or “Melbourne, Australia”.) And if you can provide travel/relocation assistance, we’d love to know about it.
  5. Keep it legal. Most jurisdictions do not allow you to (eg.) advertise jobs for only people of a given gender. So don’t do that. If you are advertising for something that falls into this category, think of this as an opportunity to boost the signal to women who might be interested.
  6. If you’re asking for participants in a study, please note Mary’s helpful guide to soliciting research participation on the ‘net, especially the “bare minimum” section.
  7. Provide a way for people to contact you, such as your email address or a link to apply in the case of job advertisements. (The email addresses entered in the comment form here are not public, so readers won’t see them.)
  8. Keep an eye on comments here, in case people ask for clarification or more details. (You can subscribe to comments via email or RSS.)

If you’d like some more background/tips on how to reach out to women for your project/event/whatever, take a look at Recruiting women on the Geek Feminism Wiki.)

Good luck!

5 thoughts on “GF classifieds (January to March 2013)

  1. Tim Chevalier

    Reposting my comment from the previous classifieds since we’re still looking for interns. I hope that’s all right!

    Mozilla Research is looking for Ph.D students (potentially MS students with a strong background) for summer 2013 internships; other time periods are possible with discussion. Possible projects are available, but bringing your own research ideas to the group is also an option.

    These internships would be great for grad students with a background in programming languages, systems, parallelism/concurrency, graphics, or, of course, Web browser development. Not everyone is aware that Mozilla has a thriving research group, but we do, with projects that include building a new type-safe systems programming language, a parallel Web browser, and applying programming language technology to the body of JavaScript code available on the Web, As an engineer at Mozilla Research, I would really like to see more diversity among our research interns. The project I work on, Rust, is notable for having a code of conduct.

    Internships are usually located in Mountain View, California, USA, in the San Francisco Bay Area; salaries are very competitive and housing is also provided in addition to that.

    Applications are still being accepted, and I encourage anyone interested to follow the application process at the above link, as well as contacting me at so I can make sure your application gets seen. Internships for undergrads are also available in other parts of Mozilla. I encourage interested people to apply, but don’t have much influence over those.

  2. Kelly Welch

    Dear Geek Feminism,
    My name is Kelly Welch and I am a senior college student at Appalachian State University in NC. I am doing my honor’s thesis research on prevalence rates of bullying occurring during online game play. This includes intentional verbal (name calling, and threats) and relational (exclusion and harassment) . I wanted to see if posting my survey on your blog would be possible. I have IRB approval from Appalachian State University and can provide prof if you so desire. The survey takes at most 30 minutes to complete. The results will initially be in my honors thesis. I am also presenting my research at an undergraduate conference and will subsequently attempt to publish. I can follow up with your blog and post to your sight my findings if you are interested.

    Here is the link and general recruitment statement,
    Online gamers needed! Researchers from the Psychology Department at Appalachian State University are seeking adults 18 years or older who have played Massively Multi-Player Online Games (MMOGs) in the last 2 to 3 months. The purpose of this survey is to better understand the prevalence of cyber-bullying during online video game play. Please follow the link presented here and use this password XYLW5317 to access the survey.
    If you have any questions please contact:
    Dr. Mary Ballard at

    my email is
    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.

  3. Daniel Martin

    Google has announced that once again it will do the Summer of Code this summer.

    Applications from mentoring organizations aren’t going to be accepted until the end of March, but now is the time (if you’re an open source project) to start up the mailing list threads on what specific tasks your organization would like to submit a GSOC proposal for.

    More information here.

  4. Ellen Spertus

    Endowed Visiting Professorship in Science and Technology
    Area: computer industry
    Mills College
    Oakland, California, United States

    Mills is a women’s college with co-educational graduate programs, located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are in the unique position of seeking someone from the computer industry to teach two computer science courses during the 2013-2014 school year and to mentor students. The job description follows, and applications can be made online. Note that a PhD is not required. Interested people can contact me with questions. –Ellen

    Mills College is a nationally respected independent liberal arts college for women with graduate programs for both women and men. Located on 135 lush acres in the foothills of Oakland, California, the College enrolls approximately 946 undergraduate women and 597 graduate women and men. Consistently ranked one of the top colleges in the West by U.S. News & World Report and one of the “Best 377 Colleges” by The Princeton Review, Mills provides a dynamic liberal arts education fostering women’s leadership, social responsibility, and creativity.

    Mills College in Oakland, CA, is pleased to solicit applications and nominations for the first appointment to the newly-established Annette Chan-Norris ’65 and Evan Norris, MD
    Endowed Visiting Professorship in Science and Technology.

    Annette Chan-Norris and Evan Norris have endowed a visiting faculty position in the natural sciences and technology in order to enhance and expand the curricular offerings in scientific fields where women are under- represented, focusing on computer science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. This inaugural appointment is to be made for the academic year 2013-2014, and will be for one academic year.

    The first appointment will be limited to experts in computer science and technology, with experience in the computer industry. The nature of the appointment is flexible and negotiable. The expectation is that the Chan-Norris Professor will teach courses that enhance the computer science curriculum at Mills College, perhaps teaching one course per semester. The appointee is also expected to interact with and mentor students who are interested in careers in computer science. In particular, the appointee is expected to create connections with technology companies, and to advise students about internship opportunities. It is our hope that the Chan-Norris Professor will inspire and encourage women to enter computer science, will motivate them to consider such careers, and will leave a lasting impact on the campus and on the students.

    Mills College is a liberal arts college for women, with graduate programs for women and men. Mills is located in the San Francisco Bay Area on 135 beautiful acres in the foothills of Oakland, California. Mills has an unusually distinguished record of pioneering in computer science, particularly for a liberal arts college. Between 1960 and 1974, the College progressed from a single course in computing with one professor and one student to a full-fledged computer science major. Mills was the first women’s college to offer an undergraduate degree in computer science and to establish a Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Additional information about Mills College can be obtained on our website at

    Mills College does not permit discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, race, religious creed, color, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity. For more information on Mills’ non-discrimination policy, pleased go to

    Applications should include: 1) a résumé or curriculum vitae; 2) a cover letter indicating the candidate’s specific interest in the Chan-Norris Professorship and discussing ideas for the courses that the applicant would offer at Mills. The application deadline is March 22, 2013, but applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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