Sometimes I doubt your commitment to linkspam (26 February 2013)

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5 thoughts on “Sometimes I doubt your commitment to linkspam (26 February 2013)

  1. Kat Murti

    New Surprisingly Free podcast—Is Geek Culture Sexist?

    Joseph Reagle, argues that there is an institutional sexism in geek culture (only 1% of the free software movement and 9% of Wikipedians are female), for which he blames “geekiness, openness, and free culture/freedom/the rhetoric and ideology of freedom.”

    “This anarchic, libertarian ethic that values free speech above anything else, including being friendly, being productive, being welcoming, might be part of the problem. And the other part of that is, that the rhetoric of freedom itself can sort of veil or hide this particular problem.”

    “Over decades, people have marshaled this argument that, because things are open and free, there can be no cultural or structural issues alienating women from participation, and I just don’t think that’s true.”

  2. John

    Who’s seen that lovely, inspiring video telling everyone they should learn to code?

    Right at the start, there’s the old story about how Bill Gates used his coding skills to manipulate class lists so he could sit with all the pretty girls. That’s not a little creepy? Objectifying girls and secretive, stalkerish behaviour? There’s even a cute little animation.

    How’s that for encouraging young women to feel comfortable around their geek male colleagues?

    It’s weird how that story’s still considered hilarious in 2013.

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