Won’t somebody *please* think of the linkspam?? (8 March 2013)

You can suggest links for future linkspams in comments here, or by using the “geekfeminism” tag on delicious or pinboard.in or the “#geekfeminism” tag on Twitter. Please note that we tend to stick to publishing recent links (from the last month or so).

Thanks to everyone who suggested links.

2 thoughts on “Won’t somebody *please* think of the linkspam?? (8 March 2013)

  1. Daniel Martin

    (Not for a future linkspam, because by then the tickets will be all snapped up in all likelihood – registration opens on Wednesday)

    Even more good news about Google I/O this year: free childcare for attendees (kids 6 weeks – 12 years), plus onsite rooms for nursing mothers. See https://plus.google.com/u/0/+NaomiBlack/posts/9MsRye58auy

    (Yes, that’s right: free. Of course, the ticket to the conference for the attendee costs $900)

    I don’t mean to keep shilling for it; I’m just really excited to see my former employer get so much right w.r.t. running I/O this year.

  2. madamezou

    AFAIK, there’s also the !geekfeminism group on identi.ca, for those of us who prefer identi.ca over twitter.
    Is that regularly checked?
    Is there a way to set up a sync between #geekfeminism tag on twitter and the group on identi.ca?
    (btw, It seems alive to me, but if you need an hand to animate it, I’d be glad to help)


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