Spam ALL the links! (26 March 2013)

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2 thoughts on “Spam ALL the links! (26 March 2013)

  1. L

    There’s a kickstarter going on to fund a documentary about the presence and contribution of queer people within the gaming industry. I’d love to see it get funded:

  2. d2k

    Where do women fit in the culture of IT? WITI founder addresses a gap

    “The culture of IT has long been one that embraces diverse cultures, but one segment of the global population is decidedly still in the minority: women. In a recent CIO survey by the Harvey Nash Group, only 9% of the CIOs surveyed were women, down from 11% in last year’s survey. Where have all the females gone? More importantly, is this brain drain having a negative impact on the female voice in the IT organization?”

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