Now we are linkspam, destroyer of worlds (29 March 2013)

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3 thoughts on “Now we are linkspam, destroyer of worlds (29 March 2013)

  1. V

    I find Sheryl Sandberg very interesting.
    Very few women OR men are CO’s at large companies, relative to the corporate employee population. I don’t think, no matter what she’s saying to sell books, that her advice is for everybody. Many of us will work for years and never even get to “people manager”. And many of us don’t know how to self-promote.
    I’ve got Sandberg’s book on hold at the library so I’ll withhold commenting on it specifically, but having seen her TED talk I am guessing she’s talking about the success she, personally, knows. Which some of the rest of the world might view as overambitious workaholic’s success.

  2. Elizabeth G.

    In my opinion, the first “Lean-in” link is a huge misrepresentation of Sandberg’s thesis. She DOES, in fact, take on the structural obstacles to women’s success, repeated. She expresses frustration and anger as the fact that acting like a jerk get’s men success and women slapped back down (usually accompanied by the advice “Act like a man”). Reading that article, I kept thinking, “Did we read the same book?” I really liked the book, as a women and an engineer I felt like here recommendations were helpful and the book was inspiring. It is so much more than the TED talk.

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