Open thread: feed the open thread monster

We haven’t had an open thread in a looooong time, partly due to workload. That is: there are two steps (1) find something cute or fun (2) post open thread. Increasingly rarely do the two experiences coincide for us!

So I’m setting up a system so that you can feed the open thread monster: if you see something that hits most of (1) women-centric (or not-men-centric) (2) fluffy, fun, silly, cute or beautiful (3) geeky (4) feminist, or at least not anti-feminist, tag it “gffun” on Pinboard or Delicious and when someone here wants to open thread, they’ll have some ideas to start with. Seen anything in the last week or two? Since it’s been a while, you’re also welcome to post it in comments here.

Feed the monster!

Mr. Fuzzle
by JD Hancock

This is itself an open thread for comments on any subject fitting our policy!

About open threads: open threads are for comments on any subject at all, including past posts, things we haven’t posted on, what you’ve been thinking or doing, etc as long as it follows our comment policy. We’re always looking for fluffy, fun, silly, cute or beautiful open thread starters, please post links to Pinboard or Delicious with the “gffun” tag.

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2 thoughts on “Open thread: feed the open thread monster

  1. Katherine

    I like the work you do here, especially the linkspams. Thought this open thread looked lonely.

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